Plaxo Co-Founder Arrested, Accused Of Murdering Ex-Wife’s New Husband In Front Of Her, Kids

Plaxo co-founder Minh [David] Nguyen, 38, has been arrested. According to Mail Online, Nguyen has been charged with murder after being suspected of killing his ex-wife’s new husband just two months after the two got married. And that’s not all. Nguyen reportedly shot Corey Mattison after breaking into his ex Denise’s home in Virginia. The incident happened at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, and two of Nguyen’s children were home at the time of the shooting. His ex walked into the home with the third child just after the attack. The report does say that Nguyen murdered Mattison “in front of” the children, but it’s unknown if the kids were actually in the same room at the exact time.

“Mattison, who had two elementary-school-aged children of his own, was a project manager at a glass construction company based in Washington, D.C. His colleagues told the station Mattison spent a lot of time with his children as well as Nguyen’s.”

Nguyen co-founded Plaxo back in 2001 with Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster. The social media platform was commonly used pre-Facebook. It was described as the “world’s leading online address book,” and had over 3.7 billion contacts. Since then, Plaxo has been sold to Comcast. But that wasn’t the end for Nguyen. He was the founding CEO of App Press, which was established in 2012. The company “provided tools for designers to build, manage, and deploy apps,” according to the report.

According to Gawker, the reasons behind Nguyen’s decision to murder his ex’s new husband seem fairly clear. Sources say that he had been arguing with Denise for months over “child custody and visitation issues” regarding the couple’s three children. Sources say that he was “unstable,” and that he didn’t want his kids spending time with Mattison, which can be somewhat of a common thing between dads and stepdads.

For the record, the other Plaxo co-founder has had a lot of success in life since striking it rich. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sean Parker welcomed his first child with his wife in Jan. 2013. Parker has been a very prominent figure in the social media world, not unlike Nguyen. However, Nguyen’s personal life was too much for him to deal with. Many believe that he threw his life away and has caused a great deal of pain to his children, the very ones that he may have been trying to protect.

[Photo courtesy of LinkedIn & Sheriff’s office via CNN Money]