Ebola In America Again? Sierra Leone Aid Worker Pulled From Plane In Newark

Ebola may once again be in the United States. A health worker was pulled from a United Flight 45 in Newark, New Jersey upon her return form Sierra Leone. The unidentified medical worker was reportedly vomiting on the plane and had a high fever.

The potential Ebola patient reportedly did not present with a fever when arrived at the Hackensack University Medical Center. The U.S. health worker is currently undergoing test for the Ebola virus at the facility. After boarding the United Flight 45 from Sierra Leone t Brussels, the woman reportedly showed “early signs” of the deadly disease.

Although the woman is not reportedly showing any more signs of Ebola, she is being kept at the Hackensack University Medical Center out of an “abundance of caution.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sierra Leone is one of the countries in West Africa still struggling to get the Ebola outbreak under control. Ebola has killed approximately 3,000 people and infected 10,000 others.

Passengers on United Flight 45 told the media that emergency responders adorned in hazmat suits met the plane when it landed in Newark on Monday afternoon. According to passenger comments to the media, neither the airline nor the emergency responders offered any explanation for the evacuation of the United States health worker from the plane.


After the possible Ebola patient was removed from the United flight, the remaining 261 passengers and crew members were reportedly required to complete health care forms and provide contact information to public health officials. The passengers were reportedly told that even if the woman tested positive for Ebola that it is “unlikely” she infected anyone else on board the plane.

Do you think enough has been done to protect Americans from Ebola?

[Image via: Twitter]