‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake’s Memories Continue To Spark, Fluke Stirs Up More Trouble

Fans are anxious for big developments and solid answers on General Hospital and it appears that there may be some key details emerging during the week of January 19. Will “Jake” finally be revealed to those in Port Charles as Jason Morgan? Will the real identity of the fake Luke be revealed? There are some General Hospital spoilers available for the week and fans won’t want to miss them.

As fans saw on Monday’s show, Sam and Patrick took a big step in their relationship just as Jake entered the house and planned to kill them both per Helena’s orders. However, flashes of memories stopped him in his tracks.

According to She Knows Soaps, Jake’s memory will be triggered further during Tuesday’s show. In addition, Helena is growing increasingly concerned that she has not heard back from him about the task she gave him.

The “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page shares General Hospital spoilers that Sam will discover that something is missing from her house when she wakes up. Carly is seeing more and more about Jake that isn’t making sense, and she will be pushing for answers.

Also ahead this week, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nikolas will question Luke about how different he has been lately. Johnny and Maxie run into one another and the two will talk a bit about Georgie. Sam makes a perplexing discovery on Wednesday’s show while “Fluke” threatens Julian and Sonny. Also ahead this week, Sonny tries to get a warning to Michael while Shawn takes care of Sonny’s request.

Carly finds something suspicious in Jake’s belongings late in the week, while Fluke has a surprise for Lucas and Michael. Jordan is confronted by Shawn about the truth while Julian and Sonny put together a new strategy. At the end of the week, General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be someone watching over Ava while Nina makes a new connection.

Also this week, GH spoilers indicate that Lulu will offer Morgan a job while Nathan and Dante talk with one another about their relationships. In addition, Dante and Kiki will talk about parenthood.

Many General Hospital fans were a bit stunned by the news that Kristen Alderson has decided to leave her role of Kiki Jerome, and viewers will be watching to see where the show heads with her character. Will her discussion with Dante start to pave the way to this big departure?

Things are definitely ramping up with the big Jason Morgan reveal and GH fans are quite ready for the Fluke story to reach a conclusion. When will they get their wish on that front? Many are hoping the reveals come soon. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

[Image via TV Source Magazine]