Oreo And Valentine's Day: The Date That Is Over 100 Years In The Making, Has Reservations For February, 2015

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and most couples are already planning their special day. The special day usually comes with chocolates and flowers, but in 2015, you might want to consider another sweet treat for your valentine. According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, it began with a leaked image on Twitter last October, but now the highly-anticipated Oreo will be coming just in time for Valentine's Day.

No, this is not merely an Oreo with red icing, like the Christmas variety. Nor is it a Watermelon Oreo, as the Inquisitr reported about in 2013. It is a red velvet cookie with cream cheese icing in the center. According to the Chicago Tribune, this marks the second time in Oreo's history that it flat out changed the cookie itself. The first time was in 2004 when the "Golden Oreo" made its debut.

Though the red velvet cupcake has been around for a considerable amount of time, it has only been within the past decade that a growing trend seems to be engulfing the entire snack food industry. Whoopie pies, Peeps, coffee and M&Ms -- even vodka and candles, have also joined the craze, stepping outside snack food or even food in general. So, why would Oreo be interested in being just another notch?

Senior director of Oreo North America Janda Lukin explains, "It's something that's classic".

Bloomberg reports that the new red velvet variation will be available February 2, which is in plenty of time for the holiday it so colorfully represents, Valentine's Day. The price for a bag of the red velvety goodness will be exactly the same, but the Chicago Tribune reported that there will be slightly less of them in the package.

A mysterious tweet came out last October, announcing to the whole world wide web, that the red velvet Oreo was coming. The tweet was quickly deleted, and apparently, was never meant to come out so far in advance. A spokesperson for Oreo spoke to the Daily Mail regarding the issue.

"You may remember that a few months ago, there was speculation about an Oreo Red Velvet cookie. It's true, but we just weren't ready to reveal the news back then as [the flavor] wasn't going to be available in US stores nationwide until February 2 – but we're ready to confirm, its official."
Unfortunately, those who have been excitedly anticipating the new Oreo concoction will be saddened to find out that it is only for a limited time. The company estimated a mere six to eight weeks, or "while supplies last."

Many did not, and still do not, see the Golden Oreo as a "real" Oreo. So, it will be interesting to hear the hardened Oreo fanboys take on the Red Velvet Oreo. If you find yourself shaky, and clamoring for next new thing from Oreo, you need to find your way to the Oreo Red Velvet Rope to receive an early sample by January 22.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the new Oreo, or are you tired of the red velvet craze?

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