‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Phyllis Struggles, Adam Maneuvers

Things are really heating up on The Young & the Restless this week. Phyllis is determined to reclaim her life in full despite her struggles while Adam is getting aggressive about pushing his way back into Chelsea and Connor’s life. What Young & Restless spoilers are available for the rest of the week of January 20?

According to She Knows Soaps, on Tuesday’s show, Phyllis will threaten Kelly. She confronts Kelly with the wig, and the two argue. Kelly says she couldn’t have planted the wig and says that maybe there is a medical excuse for Phyllis’ actions. Phyllis says that if Kelly doesn’t admit it, there will be a war between them like no other.

She Knows Soaps also shares Young & Restless spoilers that Jack will push Dr. Cutler for information about other patients who may have used the protocol and had trouble keeping track of reality. Phyllis comes home and meets Dr. Cutler, and he says he wants to examine her. When he leaves, she says she’s upset that Jack thinks she’s crazy.

Lily tells Hilary she hopes they can be friends, but Devon kisses Hilary in the hallway after Lily walks away. Hilary asks him for some time. Soon the two reconnect and start kissing and undressing just as Lily approaches the door.

Victor tells Jill he’s not going to sell Chancellor, and she insists she can help him. While he says she’s not going to get it back, he does write down a figure for her, one that stuns her. At Jabot, Ben and Abby discuss the formula, and Ashley worries that Victor already knows what they’re working on.

Ben says that if Ashley thinks he told Victoria anything, she should fire him, but instead she turns to Tobias and accuses him, also firing him. She thinks there’s another mole, and when Abby drops her purse, Ashley sees a vial of their product in the purse. Abby says she was going to use it on Billy and Victoria, and she swears she wouldn’t hurt the project.

When Kelly and Ben meet up, she passes out as she is telling him about the issues with Phyllis. At the hospital, she complains about her stomach and head, and the doctor soon tells Stitch that she was poisoned. As the week continues, Jack will worry more about Phyllis’ behavior.

Later in the week, Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Adam will push for Sage to get closer to Nick. Sharon will see Nick at the tackhouse and comment that he seems to be having fun just as she looks inside and sees Sage. Also this week, Chelsea and Sharon will find common ground.

Adam will talk with Chelsea and comment that she’s come a long way from the girl who pretended to be a guest in the hotel lobby. Naturally she will wonder how he could have known about that.

As We Love Soaps notes, Michaell will start making plans, and Kevin questions why his brother is looking to rewrite his will. He wonders if there’s something Michael isn’t telling them. Fen and Summer have a big battle while Cane and Lily share some steamy moments this week. Colin will put the pressure on Devon while Dylan looks for revenge.

How long will Devon and Hilary get away with their affair? Just how far will Dylan go to get revenge? Justin Hartley is now in the role of Adam Newman, and many are anxious to see if Adam’s plans regarding Sage, Nick and Chelsea work. Tune in to The Young & the Restless weekdays to see just what happens next.

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