Leah Calvert Supports Husband While Brittany Musick Talks ‘TM2’ Reunion

Leah Calvert and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, have endured a lot of drama over the past couple of months. From cheating rumors to leaked Twitter messages, there is no doubt that things have been hectic between the couple. Despite everything, Leah and Jeremy have been trying to make their marriage work and, after much reluctance, Leah Calvert decided to sign on for a sixth season of Teen Mom 2.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Leah and Jeremy’s New Year’s Eve date may not have been as happy as it appeared to be in pictures. Rather than all smiles like the reality show stars were in pictures, a source revealed that Leah looked “miserable.”

“Leah looked really unhappy. She barely spoke with Jeremy, and neither seemed to be having a good time. “She was a mess, like she was out of her mind. Her friend kept saying ‘Leah, you can’t be doing this anymore.’ She seemed like she needed help.”

Jeremy Calvert recently rejoined Twitter after deleting it following the leaked message drama. Jeremy was caught sending messages to another girl in West Virginia and making plans to meet up with her. During the meet-up, never happened, it still caused some issues between Leah and Jeremy. Despite everything, Leah is continuing to support her husband, albeit in less obvious ways.

Leah Calvert took to Twitter to tweet out a link to the American Action Network website. The site supports the Keystone XL Pipeline, which, according to the site, would create thousands of jobs. Leah’s husband works on pipelines so it makes sense that this is something she would support. She also shared the link on her Facebook fanpage.

While Leah Calvert continues to support quietly her husband and their marriage, the girl who Jeremy messaged on Twitter continues to talk Teen Mom 2. While she has made it clear she “doesn’t care” that Jeremy and Leah are back together, she continues to make little comments on the social networking.

There is no indication that Brittany Musick has been asked to appear on Teen Mom 2, either the regular season or the reunion, but she claims that she continues to get offers. She recently signed with Howiewood Entertainment, an agency which represents Nikkole Paulun. At one time, the site represented Chelsea Houska, but she is no longer represented by the agency. Since it was hard to get Leah Calvert to even sign on for a sixth season of the show, it seems unlikely that the network would even consider bringing on the girl who Jeremy Calvert messaged on Twitter, but stranger things have happened.

Leah Calvert is currently filming for the new season of Teen Mom 2.