November 13, 2016
Jennifer Lopez Sports A Plunging Neckline On 'The Tonight Show' While Promoting 'The Boy Next Door'

Jennifer Lopez is in the midst of the media frenzy that goes along with promoting a new film. Her latest role in The Boy Next Door brought the 45-year-old to The Tonight Show, where she shared with the always-hilarious Jimmy Fallon about how she could easily identify with the character she portrayed in the film, in which she not only acted but also produced.

While there, Lopez was outfitted in a beautiful silk top and billowing silk pants to match. The ensemble was luxurious and totally characteristic of the triple threat star, seeing as it hugged her curves perfectly while the blouse was cut so far down that she revealed quite a bit of cleavage in true Jen form. Let's not forget that stunning, showstopping and perhaps a tad bit controversial dress she wore to the Grammy's years back.

Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards, Image via the Huffington Post
Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards, Image via the Huffington Post

She has to keep her audience talking and guessing about what daring yet chic looks she'll try next. But as the Daily Mail noted while the star was making the rounds to promote her new erotic thriller, "J.Lo showed no signs of diva antics as she graciously stopped to chat with fans and obliged requests by posing in a few selfies."

In addition, the classy talent joined in some silliness and used her famous backside to play a game of Catchphrase with Fallon. US Weekly recalls the comical situation that Jen took quite seriously.

"Lopez went wild as she and Fallon played three, fast-paced rounds of the game, with both teams managing impressively high scores. Lopez leapt around despite her revealing outfit, bouncing up and down as she encouraged Fallon to guess her clues."
Watch a clip of the Jennifer Lopez on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Prior to J.Lo's Tonight Show appearance on Monday, she had one busy day of promotion for the film, stopping by Live With Kelly and Michael, and Good Morning America. While sharing her experience on set for her latest film with Kelly and Michael, Jennifer revealed that the cast spent their days in far from lavish surroundings. Just Jared relays her words.

"You know what, we put all four million dollars [from the budget] in front of the camera! We all shared one trailer, we had no craft service, it wasn't that type of luxury movie set, let's say."
It's hard to imagine the always classy and luxuriously dressed star in less than palatial accommodations. Maybe she really does still have a bit of "Jenny from the block" left in her after all.

Lopez went on to explain the thrill of the experience and her feelings about the cast member selected to play opposite her, Ryan Guzman.

"It's a mainstream movie, it's not 'a Latino movie, but the truth is, as a producer, I'm very proud because in retrospect, I just picked the best actor for the role. But at the end of the day, if a big studio made this movie, I don't know that they would've cast the both of us in this because of that."
Watch Lopez and Guzman discussing the steamy scenes in their soon-to-be-released film, The Boy Next Door.The film hits theaters on January 23, following a recently divorced woman (Lopez) who falls for a younger man (Guzman) who just moved in across the street. They begin a love affair that takes a dangerous turn. Sounds spicy.

[Feature image via In Style]