Jennifer Aniston Will Never Pose Topless With Girlfriend

Jennifer Aniston made waves when she posed topless with her hairdresser and friend of many years, Chris McMillan, in Allure. But according to Yahoo News, there was “zero awkwardness.”

One would think that skin to skin contact for two friends would be weird, but Aniston claims otherwise. Aniston claimed that due to her close friendship with McMillan and the fact that he’s gay made it seem completely okay.

McMillan is famous for giving Aniston the one and only “Rachel cut” and has been with Aniston since her Friends days.

When asked about the photo on an appearance on the Ellen Show, Aniston responded that McMillan is like a “brother” to which Ellen responded, “That makes it weirder.”

While Aniston doesn’t think that’s weird, what she does think is weird is posing topless with a girl, especially if she’s a friend. According to MTV UK, Aniston explained, “It’s different. I wouldn’t do that with a girlfriend. I would feel weird doing a photograph like that with a girlfriend.”

While Aniston admitted that fiancé, Justin Theroux, didn’t mind the photo with Chris McMillan, I’m sure he really wouldn’t mind a photo of Aniston with a girlfriend.

In the same interview that Aniston divulges how she’ll never pose topless with a girl friend, she also shares the silver lining to not be nominated for an Oscar for her amazing performance in Cake.

Aniston stated, “Yeah. I’m the number one snubbed. That’s the silver lining.”

What some are calling the performance of a lifetime, many were confused as to how Aniston did not receive any nominations for her role as a woman struggling with constant pain and personal trauma.

Despite the snub, Aniston is enjoying life and refuses to let the snub get to her, saying, “I’m not going to torture myself.”

roses are red violets are blue jennifer aniston is almost 46 and still looking better than me and you

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Well at least there’s one thing Jennifer Aniston won’t worry about having to be snubbed for.

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