Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer Filming For 'Teen Mom 2': What To Expect

So far, Chelsea Houska is the only Teen Mom 2 star who has not been captured filming for the show that is set to come back later this year. However, the reality show star has signed on and will be back for season six. Now, a source is confirming to Radar Online that Chelsea is indeed filming and that her boyfriend will be filming with her!

In the past, the majority of Chelsea's storylines have focused on her co-parenting relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. As Lind finds himself in and out of trouble and dating new women, the storylines typically dealt with that. However, it looks like season six will be different, and Chelsea Houska will have an all-new story to tell to fans!

"It'll be very low-key, just showing them going on dates and doing stuff with Aubree."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, loves Cole DeBoer. The two have spent time together, and Aubree approves of her mom's new boyfriend. Of course, Chelsea has never been one to parade a bunch of guys home in front of Aubree which is a good thing and likely has helped Aubree form a good relationship with Cole.

Chelsea and Cole have been dating since last summer and while they share about their relationship on social networking, it is mostly low key photos and statuses. Interestingly, Chelsea's storyline will be similar and contain significantly less drama than in the past.

"Cole is very private and Chelsea respects that. Since there's no drama, he probably won't be on camera a lot. Chelsea isn't going to sit around and bitch about Adam to Cole or anything. He is going to stay out of all that."
It makes sense that the source revealed Cole DeBoer is private. While Chelsea Houska has social networking which she uses regularly, Cole doesn't seem to share too much online. In fact, it took a while before fans found out much about him! What is known about Chelsea's new man is that he is a college graduate, employed, and that they met at a gas station in South Dakota. Other than that, all that is known is that he makes both Chelsea and Aubree very happy.

Of course, even though her segments won't revolve primarily around Adam Lind this season, she will likely have to deal with his drama in some way. Lind is set to make a court appearance next month in connection to domestic stalking charges that were filed by his ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton. There are also rumors that Chelsea Houska may take Adam Lind back to court regarding custody.

[Image: via Instagram]