Amazing European Girl On Bike Hit By High-Speed Car, Doesn't Even Fall, Dash Cam Video Goes Viral

Some new years seem to start better than others. In an extraordinary show of agility and quickness — on January 16, 2015, at 8:38 a.m — a European girl gets hit by a high-speed car while she crosses the street on her bike. Here's the catch. She doesn't fall or get so much as a scratch on her. She literally jumps off her bike as it is hit. Afterwards, she simply gathers her scattered newspapers and goes about her business.

The video began to go viral as soon as it was posted. Some people claimed to have watched it tens of times to try to figure it out. There are even some who think that what happened in the video is an illusion. However, there's a lot of traffic happening in the back for it to be an illusion.

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As the video slows down, it seem as if the girl on the bike simply lifts her left leg as the bike is being struck on the right side of the front wheel. Once the car connected with the right side, the exerted force pushed the bike flying to the left. So, the girl on the bike acted correctly and wisely by leaving the bike behind and jumping off to the right.

Many commentators state that, because of her standing and facing positions after contact since, a second person was just standing there already. They say that the clothes are even different. The video is very grainy, and it's difficult to tell what color the girl on the bike was actually wearing. Could it have been the sunlight which made the shirt appear white prior to her riding into a more-shaded area? Fabric glares can also happen in similar manners as metal and glass glares.

Nevertheless, others think the video was real, and it was divine intervention that saved her. Several commentators give credit to God for allowing the girl on the bike to walk away scratch-free. Yet, some challenged those thoughts as well.

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Whatever the case, if she had not gotten off in the manner she did, she could have been attached to the bike as it ricocheted from surface to surface.

What are your thoughts? Is the video fake or authentic?

[Feature Video and Image via YouTube]