WWE News: Popular WWE NXT Star Headed To WWE’s Main Roster Soon

Good news for WWE NXT fans. It seems that WWE is interested in bringing up one of the more popular names from NXT to help with their improving tag team scene. WWE’s latest luchador, Kalisto, has been making waves in NXT for quite some time. WWE decided to pair him with Sin Cara to develop a tag team called the Lucha Dragons. The partnership has paid off richly, as both men have performed quite well as a tag team.

Now it appears that WWE will bring Kalisto up to be with Sin Cara full-time and the two should be part of the tag team division, similar to their role in NXT. WWE has been wanting to improve the tag division for some time, which is why they brought up The Ascension recently. After Miz and Mizdow split up, WWE would only have three teams to use. This is why Kalisto and Sin Cara being part of the division make sense.

While WWE NXT does have other popular teams in the Vaudevillians and Enzo and Cass, WWE does need an exciting shot in the arm in the tag division. Clearly two luchadors could do that quite well. The rumor comes from Daily Wrestling News, as they report that word has been going around NXT that Kalisto would be called up relatively soon.

The Lucha Dragons are the current NXT Tag Team Champions — sort of. WWE NXT tapes their shows, which means we do have spoilers before each event. So we know that this Wednesday, the Lucha Dragons will lose their tag team titles to the team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy on the latest episode of WWE NXT. Blake and Murphy have been in line for a push, and it seems WWE has decided to go through with it. This only adds more fuel to the rumor fire regarding Kalisto.

We may not see Kalisto until after WrestleMania, as WWE loves to bring up new guys or bring back big names on this night. Keep in mind, the WWE Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania is one of the hottest wrestling shows of the year. So WWE loves to use it to bring people in.

They also like to use the Royal Rumble to bring people up. They did so with other NXT stars like Bo Dallas and Rusev, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see Kalisto in that mix if WWE felt like he fit the situation. We’ll have to see what WWE decides, but at least we know the 28-year-old luchador will be coming up soon.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]