WWE News: WWE Superstar Randy Orton Set To Return At WWE Royal Rumble PPV

WWE Superstar Randy Orton was out of action for quite a while. WWE wrote him off TV because he was filming a WWE movie, which worked out well for him in numerous ways. Orton also had happened to be nursing a couple injuries, so the time off was really needed. Orton officially returned to WWE a couple weeks ago at a live event and even made an appearance in dark matches after WWE Monday Night RAW went off the air. Now, he could be back to television soon.

Speculation originally was that Orton would be back at WWE Survivor Series back in November, which turned out to be false. WWE had the intention of adding Sting to the show to help end it, despite it taking place in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis.

Having Randy Orton return on the debut night for Sting wouldn’t have helped him, as he would have been overshadowed in many eyes.

It was rumored that he would also be back at WWE TLC, which again turned out to be false. Now we are yet again hearing that Orton will be back at a WWE PPV, this time, WWE Royal Rumble coming up this Sunday according to WrestleZone.

What helps this rumor is that Orton is in the TV advertisement for the Rumble and is also scheduled to appear locally. He is also scheduled for the night after at WWE Monday Night RAW in Hartford, then again for WWE SmackDown in Boston. It makes a lot of sense to have Orton appear in the Rumble match, but what role he will have in the match is unknown.

The idea originally was to have Randy Orton return to have a brief program with Seth Rollins, since Rollins helped to take him out of action on TV. Now it is unknown, as WWE could make Rollins the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the Royal Rumble. Rollins is also set for a tag team match at WWE’s new February PPV, WWE Fast Lane. So where an Orton program would fit in is unknown. If Rollins does not win the title, we can probably assume WWE will have Orton and Rollins go at it at WrestleMania 31.

Sadly, we do not know Orton’s role just yet. It could become clear after WWE Royal Rumble, but until then we can only speculate as to what WWE will do with The Viper for now.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]