Two High School Teachers Arrested In Student-Teacher Sex Scandal

Two high school teachers arrested Saturday after allegedly having sex with several high school students during a beach trip in Southern California.

It was reported by CBS News that the South Hills High School teachers arrested were Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Chirelli, 30, of Covina, California. Both teachers were allegedly involved in a student-teacher sex scandal taking place in November 2014 during a school sponsored event in California, and during another event that was not sponsored by the school.

Lippert planned the second trip to the beach – not sponsored by the school – and invited a few of her male high school students. She supplied alcohol to the minors and to another student who was 18-years-old. Chirelli was also invited to the beach.

Both teachers, Lippert and Chirelli, are married and have families of their own, police official say.

According to Q13 Fox, both teachers engaged in sexual relations during both beach trips. And during the second trip, the students – including the teachers – camped out at the beach.

Once the Orange County Sheriff's Department was alerted of the student-teacher sex scandal, they arrested the teachers Saturday and they were taken to county jail. All parents were notified immediately of the crime and were also informed that the school was working with the police department on the matter.

The Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock spoke with KTLA5 about the student-teacher sex scandal.

"Based on the charges the teachers were booked to, you can make that assumption as to which teacher was with students that were of age and were of not. But of course, regardless of somebody's of age or not is very serious. We take these very serious when you're talking about a student-teacher relationship. A teacher is a position of authority. They're trusted. Parents send their kids to school every day and expect that they're safe. To compromise that safety; to compromise that trust that we have in our teachers, is taken very seriously."
A spokeswoman, Michelle Van Der Linden, from Covina-Valley Unified also spoke with reporters about the crime. "As soon as we became aware of these allegations, we immediately contacted the West Covina Police Department and have been working closely with their detectives."

Lippert was charged with conspiracy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and her bond was set at $20,000.

Chirelli was charged with oral copulation and unlawful sex with a minor and her bond was set at $50,000.

Both teachers are out on bail, but are due in court Wednesday for their arraignment.

[Image via ABC7]