Scheana Marie And Stassi Schroeder Are Still Feuding: The Latest ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Gossip

Scheana Marie and Stassi Schroeder’s friendship is a thing of the past. Although the two women have had their moments of getting along on Vanderpump Rules, those days appear to be over for good.

According to a January 19 report, Scheana is fed up with Stassi dissing her on every episode of Vanderpump Rules.

“I don’t understand how [Stassi] has nothing better to talk about with her days and her scenes she films and her lame a** chevron paintings she does and her little necklaces she’s making,” Scheana said in a new interview with Hollywood Life. “I’m like, ‘Why don’t you talk about that? You just have to keep talking about me?'”

Scheana Marie and Stassi Schroeder weren’t getting along during the first season of Vanderpump Rules, but made amends during season two, and Stassi was a part of Scheana’s engagement at Lisa Vanderpump’s Los Angeles home.

Then, ahead of season three, Scheana Marie and Stassi Schroeder had a falling out after Stassi failed to be there for Scheana after she fell and broke her tooth, and ever since, things have been tense between them.

Only adding to the drama is the fact that Stassi’s close friend, Kristina Kelly, works at SUR Lounge.

“And then [Stassi’s] little minion Kristina Kelly is like, ‘Yes, Stassi. Whatever you want. I will agree with you.’ I can’t even work with [Kristina] anymore. Like whenever we’re on the schedule together, I will give away my shift. I will give someone the money I would make so I don’t have to be in the same room as her…[They’re] just a bunch of mean girls and it’s so rude. To see that [footage] back, I mean, who talks so negative about a person’s wedding, and bachelorette party, and invitations? It’s like, who cares what the invitations looked like? Why am I going to waste $7 per invitation when I have 300 people I’m inviting?

“I don’t want to be friends with someone like that.”

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Scheana recently revealed that a fight broke out during her wedding to Mike Shay.

Also in the Hollywood Life podcast, Scheana confirmed someone “gets punched in the face, twice.” She didn’t, however, reveal who it was.

“Every single person had their own issues that night.”

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