‘H1Z1’: How To Start Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

H1Z1 is seeing a flood of new players despite the fact that it only launched this past Friday as a Steam Early Access title. Surviving in the zombie apocalypse is hard and can be frustrating if you don’t have the survival basics down. This guide was put together to help you get started off in the world so you aren’t killed by the first zombie or bandit you run across.

Find Out Where You Are

The first step you should take when you spawn on a H1Z1 server is to find out where you are on the map. This is incredibly easy to do by simply typing “/loc” on your keyboard.

This will give you a series of X, Y, Z coordinates along with your heading. The X and Z locations will tell you where you are on the map. You can ignore the Y coordinate as it only tells you your height.

This image posted by Reddit user RoyAwesome on the H1Z1 sub-Reddit has all the locations in the game along with a coordinate grid (larger 80 MB version). The Z axis runs horizontally across the map while the X axis runs vertically. Put the two numbers together on the map and you have your location. This interactive map from H1Z1DB is also an excellent resource.

The heading is a little bit counter-intuitive due to Sony Online Entertainment’s use of Pi (3.14…) as the number system to point where you are going. The short and quick answer is the following:

  • 0 = Pointing East
  • 3= Pointing West
  • 5 = Pointing North
  • – 1.5 = Pointing South

YouTube user WOBO provides an excellent explanation for those that need something more visual.

Craft the Basics

You will die quickly if you go running around the world of H1Z1 with only your fists after you spawn. Fortunately, it’s amazingly easy to get started with at least a bow and arrow and a satchel.

Once you’ve got your location down and know where you want to go, start collecting sticks by looting (press E) small trees and bushes. Now, open up your inventory, right-click on your shirt and shred it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t do you much good right now anyways.

Now click on the Discover tab, drag and drop a stick into one of the boxes and click “Discover.” Ta da, you know how to make an arrow. Add a piece of cloth with the stick and click “Discover” to learn how to be able to craft a bow.

H1Z1 - Discover Bow And Arrow (PC)

Now you can go to the “Crafting” tab and craft a bow and arrows. This provides the most basic form of defense and hunting in the game, but you’ll need more. Here’s what I suggest going for as soon as possible.

  • Satchel (6 cloth)
  • Makeshift Hatchet (1 Wood Stick + 1 Scrap Metal)
  • Nails (1 Metal Shard)
  • Backpack Frame (4 Wood Sticks + 4 Nails)
  • Backpack (1 Satchel + 1 Backpack Frame)
  • Animal Trap (1 Wood Stick + 4 Wood Planks)
  • Bow Drill (1 Scrap of Cloth + 1 Wood Plank + 1 Wood Stick)
  • Campfire (2 Logs)

Where Do I Find This Stuff?

Scrap Metal and Metal Shards can generally be found in gas stations or car repair buildings, warehouses, or in or around cars. If you are lucky enough to find a crowbar, use it to beat on wrecked cars to gain Scrap Metal.

Wood Planks can be found in similar locations or created from logs of wood. Logs of wood come from chopping down trees with the hatchet.

If you need additional cloth, you can tear up any shirts or hats you find in the world for scraps. You can also find scraps of cloth and other loot by killing zombies and then beating their corpse with any bladed weapon.

H1Z1 Reindeer
One of Santa's reindeer?

What Do I Eat?

You can run around the world of H1Z1 and pick blackberries. These provide plus two energy and plus two hydration. It’s actually not that bad except for the length of time and the amount of clicking it takes for every single berry.

If you want something more filling, place Animal Traps near water sources to catch small animals. You can also hunt deer with your bow and arrow for venison.

Craft a Campfire and use the Craft Bow Drill to start a fire. Now you can cook meat and boil water to purify it. That means you don’t have to run around living off blackberries anymore.

That’s Cute, But Now What?

Now you really get to start surviving. Use a microphone to talk with other players and team up or bring friends in from the outside world. You are a far less easier target when you are with two or more people.

Scavenge for items and material. You’ll eventually find better items. Just be aware the loot system is still being worked on.

The larger towns are tempting, but be wary. That means they are tempting for other players too. So, be careful.

To learn more about what you can craft in H1Z1, take a look at the appropriately named H1Z1 Craft. It’s got most, if not all, of the currently known craftable items in the game and their recipes.

Did this H1Z1 guide help? Sound off in the comments below if there’s anything else you want to add.

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[H/T: H1Z1 sub-Reddit]