Watch Jessie J Sing ‘Bang Bang’ With Her Mouth Closed

Singer Jessie J has already proven that she has an amazing singing voice. However, she recently proved that her voice is still amazing even when her mouth is closed.

That’s right, the 26-year-old English singer can still blow her fans away with her voice while keeping her mouth closed.

The “Price Tag” singer was asked to show off the impressive party trick during a recent visit to The Graham Norton Show and she pulled it off without any hesitation.

According to Jessie J, she first learned how to master this particular “trick” years ago.

“Well, when I was younger, I used to do auditions all the time, and I was asked what I can do. And I discovered, when I was little, that I could pretend I was in a box. I was a lonely child!”

Jessie also found out that she could sound like she was “trapped in a box” while singing some of her favorite songs as a child.

Shortly after demonstrating how she could talk with her mouth closed, Jessie J performed a snippet of the first verse from her Grammy-nominated hit single, “Bang Bang” with her mouth closed.

The hit 2014 single, “Bang Bang” brought Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj together on the same track and has been nominated for the Grammy award for “Best Pop Group Performance” at the upcoming awards ceremony scheduled for February 8.

[Image Credit: Best Free JPG]