Video Of Dog Watching Viral Dog Video Goes Viral (Say That Three Times Fast)

Josie the dog loves watching viral dog videos. One day, her human decided to take a video of her while she was enjoying a YouTube video, and now she’s becoming a viral sensation herself. According to One Green Planet, Josie seems just as enthralled with the video as a human, and seems to be really into it.

“When Josie sees another dog having fun in the snow on her laptop, she can’t help but feel happy. Her tail gets wagging and a smile appears on her face. She is so into the video, she gets to typing to find the next item for her viewing pleasure.”

Josie the dog’s video has over 88,000 views already, but in the viral video world, that’s just the beginning. According to Fox News Radio, another dog video of a golden retriever and his squeaky toy has over 1.5 millions views, proving that dog videos are quite popular on the web.

Check out another viral video of dogs on Skype with their owners, as previously posted by the Inquisitr, here.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]