Amber Rose Instagram Fires Back At Critics By Posting Brand New Video, ‘Sebastian’s Mom’ 2015

Amber Rose is showing no mercy, and is still breaking the internet via Instagram. Recent stories has been about her black thong set. However, on January 19, 2015, she responded to critics in a fiery new video.

The video is titled “Sebastian’s Mom.” In the video, via Amber Rose’s Instagram, she does a walk-through in slow motion, with the camera closely following behind her. As the video plays, you can see that she wears a white thong/bra set underneath the mesh top.

Expectantly, Amber Rose’s Instagram received so much negative feedback from many females (some males) tthat she wanted to up the stakes again. So what does she do?

Amber posts another photo — after having taken off the green, mesh top. Amber Rose’s Instagram then explodes again with several reposts, comments, and even tweets and retweets.

She captions the photo in a bold response to the critics’ comments, >”‘Omg ur a Mother put some clothes on’……. Kiss my MILFY a** b*****s.”

Just for definition’s sake, “MILF” is an acronym which was developed in the adult entertainment industry, and it means “Mother I’d Like to (‘have intercourse with’).”

Obviously, though Amber Rose’s Instagram is “blowupuating,” she is totally unbothered by what anyone has to say about her decisions.

Interestingly enough, she has been receiving reposts from both females and males. Some of the females state that if they were to become homosexual, Amber would be their first — these words accompanying the various reposts of her newest photo in the white thong set.

Given all the recent hype about Amber Rose’s Instagram, Wiz Khalifa — Rose’s “baby daddy” — responds in a somewhat regretful tone.

“Yes, my baby’s mother is fine as f**k.”

Wiz Tweet

Unfortunately, Khalifa was caught cheating by Rose recently, and has since been in the middle of a divorce settlement. According to TMZ, he has to pay her a lump sum of a million dollars, plus spousal support.

The article states, “We’ve learned there are 2 additional pages to the prenup… and in them Wiz agrees to pay Amber spousal support in addition to the one-time payout. We’re told the support is ‘modest’ — slightly more than $5K a month.”

And judging by his tweet and Amber Rose’s Instagram, maybe he feels that he should’ve tried slightly harder on the relationship?

Nevertheless, it seems Amber is enjoying her time in Miami regardless of the criticism. While there, she gives a shoutout to 305 Elite Concierge for her transportation during her stay. Yet, even in that, she receives a mixture of love and hate.

Amber Rose Instagram

It seems that the saying stands true. It’s possible that people will hate on you no matter what you do, good or bad — better or worse.

What do you think about Amber Rose’s Instagram? Do you like or dislike the “Sebastian’s Mom” video?