Bri Teresi Displays Incredible Curves In Latex Look To Get 'All Dressed Up'

Bri Teresi revealed that she had nowhere to go after she slipped into a sexy latex ensemble. However, she ensured that she got noticed by sharing a tantalizing video of her racy look with her 1 million Instagram followers on Thursday.

The statuesque model slayed as she showcased her bombshell curves in a sleeveless black dress constructed out of latex that fit her like a second skin. The garment's neckline dipped down low to expose an eyeful of her round and bountiful cleavage. Her chest got a further boost due to the V-bar underwire that ran underneath the bust. The detail created a sharp point between her breasts.

Bri proved that she can be both model and videographer by holding her camera away from her to film a selfie video. She panned the lens down her body to reveal that the sides of her dress were embellished with neat rows of decorative silver stitching. The lines of thread accentuated her slim waistline and followed the curves of her hips. Similar visible stitching traced the neckline and underwire.

Bri accessorized her figure-flattering outfit with a sparkly silver choker and a pair of matching chandelier earrings. She also went full-on glam with her hairstyle, wearing her wavy blond tresses pushed over to one side to create extra volume on top.

Bri played with her tresses as she gave the camera a smoldering look. She also seductively parted her plump red lips and teasingly shook her hips. To really dazzle her viewers, she added a sparkle effect to her video. She also chose some musical accompaniment for her sultry footage. She preened in front of the camera as the uptempo song "Level Up" by Ciara played.

Bri indicated that she was filming herself at home, and she appeared to be in her living room. The most noticeable decor behind her was a large black-and-white image of the model on the wall. She was posing on her knees in a bikini and using her arms to press her breasts together.

Bri's upload was an instant hit with her fans. They took to the comments section to let her know how much they appreciated her decision to get all dressed up just for their viewing pleasure.

"OMG!! My jaw literally hit the floor!! Unbelievably gorgeous!!" gushed one of her Instagram followers.

"Classy and seductive too," read another rave review.

"Bri you are a stunning woman inside and out," said a third admirer.

"Could you please lower down your hotness? It's really causing global warming," added a fourth fan.

Bri has proved that she looks incredible in a wide variety of apparel, and her devotees seem to love everything she wears. As reported by The Inquisitr, she recently got them talking by posing in a maroon lingerie set.