Teresa Giudice ‘Busy’ In Prison Working Out And Writing Book

Reality star Teresa Giudice has reportedly been keeping herself very busy while in prison. According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has even been exercising regularly.

An inside source that reportedly stays in contact with Teresa opened up to Radar with an update on her current status.

“She’s doing great. People are being very nice to her. She’s been busy working out.”

Teresa Giudice’s love for a good workout did not just start when she turned herself into the Danbury, CT federal prison on January 5. Reports confirm that she has been a longtime fan of exercise. In an interview conducted last year, personal trainer Nicole Greco-Pappas reportedly opened up about what it was like to work with the reality star as a client.

“Teresa is tough. If I ask to give me five more push-ups, she will give me six! So I know she was giving it her all. reality star’s work out consists of TRX, boxing for aggression, plyometrics, and heavy weight training on off days. [Her] workout consists of TRX, boxing for aggression, plyometrics and heavy weight training on off days.”

In addition to her low-wage job, working out and making new friends during her stay at the federal prison, Giudice has also reportedly found the time to start writing a book.

Radar reports that Teresa plans on writing a tell-all memoir documenting her life behind bars for the duration of her prison sentence. The main focus of the tell-all book will reportedly be her coping with prison as well as the obstacles that she is facing while locked up. According to the report, an inside source revealed that Teresa strongly believes the tell-all memoir will be a huge hit.

With a reduced prison sentence of 13 months, that still gives Teresa Giudice more than a full year to work on this alleged book, as well as make any other post-prison plans that may become of interest to her in the meantime.

“Teresa admires the way in which Martha Stewart handled her business after being released from prison, and would like to follow in that fashion.”

There are still quite a few rumors circulating online about whether or not the hit reality series, Real Housewives of New Jersey, will even be able to survive while Teresa is still in prison. Some reports claim that the show may even go on hiatus during her absence.

However, it seems as if Teresa Giudice is focusing on other aspects of her future besides whether or not she will continue being known as a reality TV star.

[Image Credit: Ear Hustle 411]