'Bachelor' Chris Soules Final Pick: Reality Steve Wrong, Admits He Guessed

Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers may be leading fans in the wrong direction. Is Chris Soules engaged to the woman Steve claims is his final pick, or is he just making a wild guess? Fans of ABC's popular reality show who enjoy reading spoilers are disappointed that they have been lacking important details, including very little information on the weekly dates and the rose ceremonies.

Reality Steve's readers have come to expect weekly spoilers about the one-on-one dates and the scoop on who goes home each week. Instead, the reality show blogger has been giving out information after ABC releases it, with details that fans can get right from the network's website and social media accounts.

While Steve maintains that he is correct about Chris Soules' final pick, he is trying in vain to convince his readers that not knowing everything about this season is "fun." He also freely admits that he doesn't know much about this season. Does he have a new girlfriend who is distracting him, or is he no longer getting the scoop from the show's insiders?

"No, I do not have your episode-by-episode spoilers this season. Last week I guessed which five went home last night and got 4 of the 5. Not bad. As soon as I find out who got the group date rose, I'll let you know. I'm telling you, this is kinda fun this season figuring this stuff out later on in the game."
[Spoilers ahead]

Steve stated weeks before the Bachelor premiere that Chris gave nurse Whitney Bischoff the final rose and is engaged. He is also certain that Soules sent self-proclaimed virgin Becca Tilley home broken hearted.

While Reality Steve's prediction certainly sounds like a possibility — especially because Whitney and Becca seem like two of the most normal women in the house — the lack of weekly spoilers are leading many of his readers to doubt him.

"It is obvious RS has no info on this season. He is far too arrogant and would have posted it by now. Remember last season he was so proud of himself that he had the whole cast & spoilers for weeks before it aired... His 'sources' may be drying up."
Celeb Dirty Laundry is in agreement that Steve's spoilers are "unlike previous seasons," and questions the outcome of the show — "How can we trust the endgame when the man doesn't know the moves that lead us there?"There is only one way to find out if the spoilers for Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor are correct — chill the wine and watch Prince Farming on Monday nights at 8 p.m. The season finale won't air until around the first week of March, so there's plenty of time to figure out if Whitney will indeed take home the final rose, or if one of Chris' other leading ladies will have a shot a becoming the farmer's wife.

Do you think Whitney is engaged to Chris, or is Reality Steve's prediction wrong?

[Image: @BachelorABC Twitter]