Transgender Parents Will Tell Kids ‘Sometimes Men Have Babies’

Transgender couple Nick and Bianca Bowser opened up about their family in a recent interview with ABC News.

One of the big topics of discussion during the interview, which aired on20/20 Friday night, was the couple’s two boys.

For instance, the transgender couple discussed how they would gradually explain themselves and their family to their sons once the inevitable questions arrive.

“I mean eventually the questions will come about. Schools calling us and saying, ‘Your child said that his mommy has a penis’ and things like that.”

Nick and Bianca have already determined that they will tell their children the truth in a way that they can understand without becoming confused.

“That’s when we tell them sometimes men have babies, and sometimes mommies can’t have babies. We’re telling them the truth, and I think that’s the most important thing, and in a way that they can understand.”

Even though Nick and Bianca admit that they fit the basic definition of transgender people, that is not how their 17-month and 3-year-old sons view them. On the contrary, their children view them simply as “Mommy and Daddy” since they are man and woman.

Since they decided to keep their reproductive organs, Nick explains that having sex with Bianca is done the “same way” as with many other man-and-woman couples.

Natural conception led to the C-section births of both boys. Nick openly admitted during the interview that his pregnancies were some of the darkest times of his life, primarily due to the daily, internal struggles that came with the experience.

“My brain was telling me that I was one person. My body looks like a completely different person. It was a daily struggle between mind and body. I didn’t want to leave the house.”

However, Nick and Bianca also confirmed that their children are top priorities for the transgender couple. Even though Nick had his breasts removed after the birth of their second child, he and Bianca have put their plans of gender reassignment surgery on hold in favor of their kids’ well-being.

Bianca spoke openly about that decision during the same interview.

“Now that we have our children, their well-being, their lives, that’s what’s important. If it comes around to where I am able to, then that would be great, but it’s no longer about me. It’s about our family.”

Not all transgender people identify themselves the same way or even want to raise children like this particular transgender couple. However, according to the Huffington Post, it is a big step towards achieving mainstream transgender visibility.

[Image Credit: ABC News]