Would Scheana Marie’s Husband Cheat On Her With ‘RHOBH’ Star Brandi Glanville?

Scheana Marie and Mike Shay got married over the summer, and already, the Vanderpump Rules star has been forced to defend their relationship.

On Twitter on January 17, after a fan admitted to hoping Mike would cheat on Scheana with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville, Scheana set the record straight, claiming her husband would never cheat, and finds Glanville to be “gross.”

“I am married and he thinks she’s gross so that would never happen. He’s loyal. Thank you for your kind words.”

As fans will likely recall, years ago, Scheana Marie was involved in quite the scandal after it was revealed she had been dating Eddie Cibrian, Glanville’s husband at the time. Also involved in the scandal was country singer LeAnn Rimes, who is now married to Cibrian.

On the debut episode of Vanderpump Rules, Glanville sat down with Scheana Marie at SUR, and the pair discussed Scheana’s relationship with Cibrian. Although the meeting was meant to end the tension between them, it didn’t seem to help. Instead, the pair have continued to feud, mainly because of Glanville’s tendencies to bring up Scheana on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in her blogs.

As the Inquisitr reported in November 2014, Glanville shared a tweet regarding Scheana when asked about her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump. After a fan suggested Vanderpump had always had Glanville’s back, she denied any such thing, noting Vanderpump’s relationship with Scheana as the reason they haven’t moved forward.

“By forcing 1 of my ex husbands mistresses around me even after I said please no more?”

Glanville spoke of Scheana again the following month, during an interview with Us Weekly, acting as if she had completely forgotten about the reality star.

“Who? I’m drawing a blank.”

Although it was understandable for Glanville to be upset with Scheana for her relationship with Cibrian, it’s about time everyone moved on. Their relationship happened several years ago, and Cibrian has been married to Rimes for the last three years.

As for Scheana and Mike’s wedding, fans will soon be seeing the couple’s July 2014 nuptials on Vanderpump Rules. Throughout Season 3, Scheana and Mike’s pre-wedding festivities, including their bachelor/bachelorette weekend in Miami, and Scheana’s bridal shower at Villa Blanca, have been seen. Next month, the season will be topped off with their wedding.

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