Farrah Abraham Introduces New Man: He Is Wearing A Wedding Ring?

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been in the press quite a bit lately because she decided to try and get a lip implant. She had an allergic reaction to the product, and her lip swelled up completely, making her look like a duck. This situation was covered by the Inquisitr. It looked extremely painful, but Farrah decided to share her new look on Twitter. But there is something else that has come to people’s attention.

This morning, Farrah Abraham shared a picture of herself with her boyfriend in New York City. The two had been seeing the city as tourists and they posed for pictures along the water. Even though she was single recently while filming Couples Therapy, it is possible that she has been dating this guy since New Years Eve.

According to a new Starcasm report, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently showed off the pictures of herself and her new man. This time, he wasn’t holding Farrah and posing with her. Instead, he kept his hands to himself and he had them tucked into the pockets. Why is this?

Well, apparently, he was spotted with what looked like a wedding band when he posed for pictures with Farrah Abraham on New Years Eve. At the time, Abraham simply wished everyone a good night and a Happy New Year, but it appears things have developed since that night.

“Taking over #NYC #LongIsland #Hoboken With my love,” Farrah Abraham revealed while sharing pictures of the two of them together, clearly calling him her love.

Of course, the ring could have been a fashionable choice for the man. But it does seem odd that the ring was on that particular finger and him willingly posing for pictures with Farrah. He could have been engaged or married at the time, but Abraham has revealed very few details about her new boyfriend.

But it sounds like Farrah Abraham is back to her normal self after the allergic reaction she experienced a few weeks ago. This weekend, Abraham went to an event, where she showed off her new lips. She admits that she never actually went through with the implant, because her doctor was told by emergency workers that he could not use the planned products.

While Farrah is eager to share details about her botched surgery, Abraham isn’t dishing details about her new man.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend? What do you make of the ring?

[Image via Twitter]