Bruno Mars Sings ‘Uptown Funk’ With Young ‘Ellen’ Fan [Video]

Singer Bruno Mars had a chance to perform recently with one of his biggest fans — 6-year-old Kai Langer — thanks to Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres had arranged a surprise meeting between Bruno Mars and Kai, an encounter which was filmed and later shown on the Ellen show when Kai Langer returned as a guest.

In the video, Bruno and Kai sang the first verse and hook from the hit song, “Uptown Funk,” which features Bruno Mars as the lead vocalist.

The success of the song has catapulted Bruno Mars (and Mark Ronson) back to the top of the charts, and caused many unfamiliar fans to pay close attention to Bruno Mars’ music. However, one person who has been impressed with Bruno Mars long before “Uptown Funk” was first released is Kai Langer.

Fans of the Ellen daytime talk show will more than likely remember Kai Langer as the young boy who serenaded Ellen DeGeneres on-air with two other Bruno Mars hits — “When I Was Your Man” and “Grenade.”

This time around, Ellen made it possible for Kai Langer to hang out with his music idol and go viral by singing his current hit song right along with him.

Kai Langer posted a picture of himself and Bruno Mars on his official Instagram page Friday.

Bruno Mars
Kai Langer meets Bruno Mars

As a parting gift, Ellen even gave Kai a Bruno Mars-inspired outfit (in his size) — including a wig of curled hair.

What did you think about the Bruno Mars and Kai Langer performance? Do you see a potential duet in their future?

[Image Credit: Soul R&B and Kai Langer Instagram]