Has Science Just Admitted Planet X/Nibiru Exists? Believers Say Full ‘Nibiru Disclosure’ Is Coming

Astronomers may have inadvertently revived the Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm conspiracy theory that dominated the internet a few years ago. Following the latest announcement by scientists of evidence that there are at least two planets larger than Earth lurking in our solar system beyond Pluto, Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm believers have been saying that governments are finally preparing to disclose the truth about Nibiru to the masses as doomsday nears.

Scientists announced in a new study published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters that at least two planets, likely bigger than Earth, are lurking undetected in the outer fringes of the solar system.

The planets are thought to exist beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto.

According to Professor Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, from the Complutense University of Madrid, who led the study, the evidence supporting the conclusion comes from observations of a belt of space rocks known as the "extreme trans-Neptunian objects," or ETNOs, orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune. The space rocks were found to show unexpected orbital characteristics that can be explained only by assuming that their expected paths are being distorted by some massive but unseen astronomical body nearby.

V838 Monocerotis Held To Be Photographic Evidence of Planet Nibiru

"This excess of objects with unexpected orbital parameters makes us believe that some invisible forces are altering the distribution of the orbital elements of the Etno, and we consider that the most probable explanation is that other unknown planets exist beyond Neptune and Pluto.

"The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system."

Planet X?

The term Planet X has its origin among astronomers in the period after the discovery of planet Neptune in 1846.

After Neptune was discovered, several astronomers speculated that there might still be another planet beyond Neptune. Percival Lowell proposed the Planet X hypothesis to explain observed irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

Percival Lowell
Percival Lowell Originated The Planet X Hypothesis

At first, astronomers thought they had found Planet X when Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. But they soon realized that Pluto was too small to explain the observed effects on Uranus and Neptune.

The realization sparked a renewed search for Planet X.

The search for Planet X was abandoned in the early 1990s, after analysis of measurements of Neptune obtained from the Voyager 2 suggested that inaccuracies in the estimation of the mass of Neptune could explain the observed inconsistencies in the Uranus's orbit.

This led to the abandonment of the hypothesis of Planet X.

But the discovery of hundreds of so-called trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), most of which were identified as part of the Kuiper belt consisting of icy bodies with orbits similar to Pluto's, led to Pluto being demoted from the status of a planet and grouped as a "dwarf planet" member of the Kuiper belt.

Largest Known Trans-Neptunian Objects

Planet X/Nibiru?

At about the time scientists gave up the search for Planet X in the early 1990s, Nancy Lieder, who founded a website called ZetaTalk and claimed she was in contact with extraterrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system, proclaimed that she had been instructed to warn mankind that a large planetary body she called Planet X would pass into the inner solar system and cause the Earth to undergo a pole shift that will destroy human civilization.

Nancy Lieder

She claimed that Planet X, about four times the size of Earth, would arrive in May 27, 2003 with catastrophic consequences. When her prediction failed, others who had adopted her ideas associated the cataclysm with the December 21, 2012 Mayan apocalypse. They adopted the term "Nibiru," originally a technical term in ancient Babylonian astronomy, but derived by internet doomsday cults from the work of the Soviet-born American writer Zecharia Sitchin, who claimed that human civilization was originated by the Anunnaki, a race of extraterrestrials from planet Nibiru beyond Neptune, on the outer edge of our solar system.

The identification of Lieder's Planet X with Nibiru seemed natural due to Sitchin's theory in his book The 12th Planet, that ancient Babylonian lore indicates there is an undiscovered planet, called Nibiru, beyond Neptune, populated by the Anunnaki.

Nibiru follows an extended elliptical orbit that brings it into the inner solar system once every 3,600 years.

[caption id="attachment_1769883" align="alignnone" width="670"]Kuiper Belt Artist's Representationof A Kuiper Belt Object[/caption]

Have scientists admitted that Planet X/Nibiru exists?

After recent efforts to debunk the Planet X/Nibiru conspiracy theory by emphasizing that science itself has abandoned its earlier quest for Planet X, the revival of the scientific quest for Planet X will inevitably help to reenergize the Planet X/Nibiru doomsday movement. So much about what astronomers are saying about the hypothesized Planet X fits neatly into Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm theories that it is inevitable legitimate science will be hijacked to the ends of doomsday conspiracy theories.

Following the announcement by the Spanish scientists that a Planet X -- as well as a Planet Y -- may be lurking unseen on the edges of our solar system, Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm believers have started speculating excitedly that the "powers that be," namely, scientists, NASA, and the government, might have decided to confess the truth at last.

A YouTube user DaHBOO77, who runs the end-time conspiracy theory website Underground world News, has released a new YouTube video titled "More Proof of Planet X: 2 New Planets May Lurk I Solar System Beyond Pluto," (see below) in which he suggests to believers that the government is about to admit the truth about the imminent Nibiru cataclysm (see video below).

"With more signs of Earth changes all across the planet now happening daily... are 'the powers that be' really preparing to disclose Nibiru to the masses as suggested by Dahboo77 in this video as a way to maintain their own credibility as more and more 'Planet X' sightings are happening?"

There are evident stirrings of feelings of vindication among Planet X/Nibiru cataclysm believers, who have long insisted that the government and its agencies are covering up the truth about the existence of Planet Nibiru and the threat it poses to human civilization.

"The talk of Planet X/Nibiru has often been met with ridicule, even by those who had spent countless hours studying it in an attempt to debunk it, only to find that they were now 'Planet X' believers..."

[Images: NASA, WIkimedia Commons]