Lisa Vanderpump Claims She Never Mentioned Max Being Adopted On ‘RHOBH,’ Twitter Feud Ensues

Lisa Vanderpump has shared many moments with her family on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, including her 30th wedding anniversary and her daughter Pandora’s wedding. Fans who are watching this current season were reintroduced to Lisa’s son, Max, who has been staying out of the spotlight for the most part. Even though he works at SUR, he isn’t filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Vanderpump Rules.

On last week’s episode, Lisa Vanderpump sat down with her son and learned that he was not being as motivated as he could be. She tried to get him to think about his future, but Vanderpump’s husband was not interested in helping out their son because he discovered that Max was driving around with no insurance or registration on his car. This was something Eileen Davidson also commented on as a step-mother of young men, according to the Inquisitr.

According to some new tweets, Lisa Vanderpump is now being criticized by viewers over bringing up the fact that Max is adopted. Perhaps there is some kind of misunderstanding as to her love for her son, as he is not on the show as much as Pandora. For some viewers, this could be viewed as favoritism, but maybe Max is just not interested in being in the spotlight.

“When Lisa points out for the tenth time that Max is adopted – made me sick to my stomach,” one fan of the show wrote, which had Lisa replying, “you are so wrong we never even mentioned it till now.”

Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken had mentioned at least once before that Max was adopted. They went to the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood a few seasons back to see if this option was something for him. During this time, it was brought to the viewers’ attention that he was adopted as a way of introducing the viewers to their son.

“I suggest you go back and review past seasons,” the person replied back to Vanderpump, who promptly replied, “none of us ever talked or thought about it, however Max starts to have question.. you will see, all is good tho.”

Unfortunately, Lisa Vanderpump didn’t get much support from her followers.

“Lisa makes SURE we All know Max is adopted..she says it over and over so sad,” one person added, having Lisa write, “You know nothing max and his sister had a wonderful life with us. unfollow me.”

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump brings up the fact that her son is adopted? Do you think it is rude to talk about it on television?

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