Why Is Hollywood Life Claiming Justin Bieber Didn’t Laugh At SNL’s Calvin Klein Parody?

Justin Bieber responded with a well-played tweet (pun intended) to NBC Saturday Night Live’s official Twitter account, after the show’s recent spoof of his Calvin Klein underwear ads following disputed claims of photoshopping.

While SNL was still airing and the hilarious but merciless parody went viral on Saturday, the singer tweeted, “@nbcsnl well played. Lol.”

Numerous commentators have since noted Justin’s response showed he has a sense of humor, unlike celebrities such as the famously humorless Kanye West. They praised the Canadian star’s ability to seemingly laugh at Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong’s rip of his Calvin Klein ads.

Complex magazine wrote that the singer’s response “proved that Justin is fully capable of being the — ahem — bigger man in this situation. Or maybe he’s finally understanding the concept of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.'”

On Monday, the magazine had a brief exchange with the singer, in which the 20-year-old asked in reply,

To which, Complex wrote,

Meanwhile, Uproxx, Mail Online and other outlets accepted Bieber’s public response and moved on.

Not so with Hollywood Life, which, as usual, is claiming it has access to specific celebrities when it clearly doesn’t, based on the number of times stars and their reps have blasted the site for fabricating “insider” quotes and publishing clearly made-up stories.

Regarding Bieber’s response to SNL’s parody, Hollywood Life is claiming the singer was “upset” at first by the spoof and ranted to “anyone who would listen,” before later calming down and tweeting “well played. LOL.”

That may well be true. But a website which topped watchdog website Gossip Cop’s “Worst Outlet in Celebrity Journalism” tables last November, and was slammed by Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone for outright lying, does not have the inside track on what Bieber or any other celebrity of a certain wattage thinks. The site was trolling for clicks, and probably got them.

Back to SNL’s mock commercials, Mckinnon and Strong riffed on Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads with model Lara Stone, by portraying the singer as an immature baby.

In the first ad, fake Bieber boasts, “I’m a big boy now” and “I’m not supposed to drink, but I do,” while flaunting a comically bulging crotch and saying, “Yeah, my pee-pee’s in there,” before calling his Calvin Klein underwear “clothes for my big wiener.”

The second SNL ad showed McKinnon throwing a tantrum on set, kicking over a scooter, annoying “Lara” with a basketball, preening about his muscles and now grossly expanded package in his Calvins, which he called,”My Kevins.”

Justin previously responded to photoshopping talk over his Calvin Klein ads by posting an Instagram photo last week. It showed the shirtless singer in just a towel which he bunched around his bulge.

His caption read, “Photoshop lol.”

Bottom line? Whether Bieber really is laughing out loud about the ongoing Calvin Klein ads saga or not, Hollywood Life does not have authentic, insider access to that information.

That has been proved over and over again by experts in such matters.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber's caption read, "Photoshop lol')

[Images via NBC/Instagram]