Palestinians In Gaza Demonstrate In Favor Of ISIS, ‘Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Burn French Flag

While the people of France mourn a terrible couple of weeks, during which 17 innocent people were killed by Islamic terrorists in Paris, many Muslims around the world have come out in support of the massacres, and the Palestinians are no exception.

While Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip with an iron fist, doesn’t want the likes of ISIS taking over their stomping ground, it allowed a demonstration to go ahead in the streets of Gaza, whilst also allowing the burning of a French flag.

One of the protesters, Abu Abdallah al-Makdissi, told the AFP, in no uncertain terms, just exactly what the protesters were there for, saying, “Today, we are telling France and world countries that while Islam orders us to respect all religions, it also orders us to punish and kill those who assault and offend Islam’s Prophet Mohammad.”

In other words, “no freedom of speech, no free press, and yes, the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ massacre was ‘understandable.'”

Many of the demonstrators wore clothes similar to those of Islamic State militants and identified themselves with other jihadist Salafi groups, showing that militant Islam is alive and well in the heart of Palestine.

In this case, Gaza’s Salafis are proponents of global holy war endorsed by Islamic State and al Qaeda. Hamas, whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction, is similar in terms of ideology when it comes to groups like ISIS, hence the Jewish State’s strong responses to Hamas terrorism.


During the demo, dozens of Hamas police were deployed to oversee the demonstrators, as well as patrolling outside the gates of the French cultural center, where the demonstrators gathered, to burn French flags.

Some of the men there held up posters of the French Muslim brothers who killed 12 Charlie Hebdo employees in their offices, as well as pictures of the man who killed four Jews in a Kosher supermarket in Paris in the same week as the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

As you can see for yourself from the video below, the crowd chanted highly anti-Christian slogans such as, “You have to await more heroes of Islam, you worshippers of the Cross.”