Whoops — Target Displays ‘Fifty Shades’ Sex Toys Next To Kids Toothbrushes

Target is receiving unwelcome feedback after an Oklahoma shopper tweeted a photo of Fifty Shades of Grey toys located right alongside the children’s toothbrushes.

While one of these items may beget the other, the photo of the massage oils, vibrating (ahem) rings, and leather-scented blindfolds parked next to some Angry Bird toothbrushes and Elmo toothpaste has gone viral.

The shelving placement may or may not be an oversight, but many people online are wondering how a store worker didn’t notice the divergence, especially with the sign asking one to “check this out.”

Target gave a cursory response regarding the placement of the display, as reported by Fox News.

“Thanks for your comments regarding placement of personal care items in our stores. We’ll share with our merchandising team,” Target’s customer service Twitter account posted in response to an inquiring tweet.

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In other FSOG news, Fandango claims that advance movie ticket sales have surpassed $1 million. As reported on Business to Business, Fandango chief correspondent Dave Karger made an announcement.

“Very few books can claim true national phenomenon status—and Fifty Shades ranks with Twilight, The Hunger Games and Gone Girl as novels that entered the zeitgeist from coast to coast. Fans of the book have been waiting for years to see their favorite sexy characters come to life on the big screen, and they are clearly fueling our sensational advance sales.”

Fifty Shades of Grey and its fastest-selling sales have now outpaced previous top advance ticket titles, including 2010’s Sex in the City, 2011’s The Hangover Part II, 2013’s The Hangover Part III, and Gone Girl.

According to ABC News, Fandango announced that Fifty Shades is already the fastest selling R-rated movie in the history of ticket sales. The demand for ticket sales is so high that theater owners in all 50 states are gearing up to offer more showtimes.

From Target to hotels, retailers are taking advantage of FSOG fever. Looking for a romantic way to use your Target purchase? Click here for a list of hotels with FSOG packages.