Rob Gronkowski Dances On Field After Patriots AFC Win [Videos]

Rob Gronkowski knows how to party, just as much as he knows how to play football. After Sunday night’s win against the Indianapolis Colts, Gronk and his Patriots took to the field to celebrate. Wearing his new AFC Championship hat on backwards, and sticking his tongue out Miley Cyrus style, the tight end showed off some serious dance moves in front of some of his teammates (and television cameras, lucky you). According to Bleacher Report, it didn’t take long for Vines of his cool moves to pop up on the internet.

According to the Washington Post, Gronk even got down with “somebody’s mama,” shaking his tail feather with a woman (likely a player’s mom) who happened to be on the field in the mix of the celebrations. And, yes, there was a point where Gronk was twerking… but he’s going to the Super Bowl, so it’s totally acceptable. Plus, he’s Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski had a questionable start to the season after a knee injury that seemed to be causing him problems, even though he was cleared to play. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rob’s knee was 50/50 back in September, but he seems more than fine now. He injured his knee in 2013 (after breaking his arm in 2012) leaving him out of the playoffs last season. And while some people wondered if Gronk would ever get back to “being Gronk,” he proved it last night. And fans hope he continues the streak in Arizona on Feb. 1.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]