Costar Says Zooey Deschanel Will Be A ‘Great Mom’

Zooey Deschanel just announced last week that she was pregnant with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik’s baby. The New Girl star is due next summer, and in a statement on E! Online, said,”We’re so excited to meet our little one!

Her co-star and the lead man on New Girl, Jake Johnson, has commented on Deschanel’s pregnancy at the Fox All-Star party at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour. How did he respond when he found out Deschanel was pregnant?

“I’m so excited! We’re all so excited,” said Johnson.

Johnson added, “She and Jacob are so excited and I couldn’t be happier for Zooey.”

Johnson also shared how Deschanel is a “good friend,” and how he is sure that his costar “is going to be a great mom.”

Zooey Deschanel Pregnant: ‘New Girl’ Cast Jake Johnson Thinks Pal Will Be A Great Mom, Will Jess Also Have A Baby… — debby ryan (@debburp) January 19, 2015

So will Deschanel’s character on New Girl, the popular Fox sitcom, also become pregnant? Johnson laughed when he was asked and responded that no, there would not be a pregnancy written into the script for Jess.

Johnson added that it would be “a weird ‘Three Men and a Baby’ vibe…” And as the star said himself, imagine how “weird Winston would be around that baby,” never mind the already awkward character, Schmidt, too.

The doe-eyed star has been having a banner year. Deschanel celebrated turning 35 on January 17.

Her older sister, Emily Deschanel is also expecting a baby! The older Deschanel and star of Bones is expecting her second child with husband, David Hornsby. The two already have a 3-year-old son.

Zooey is lucky to have her sister Emily for advice. Emily admitted to Us Weekly that she was a “health nut” and “worked with a nutritionist” to make sure that she got the nutrients and protein that she needed during her first pregnancy.

This will be the first child for Zooey and her producer boyfriend, Jacob Pechenik. The two were reported dating since August of 2014, after Deschanel split with her boyfriend of two years, screenwriter Jamie Linden.

Deschanel and Pechenik are also collaborating an another project of sorts. The two are working on her next film project, Rock the Kasbah, which will be due out in November of 2015.

[Photo Courtesy of Genevieve]