Watch Obama’s State Of The Union Address Online Free

Watch Obama’s State of the Union address online for free to see what the president has up his sleeve, as he faces a new Congress dominated by Republicans.

Following the mid-term elections, in which the American people handed down an eloquent defeat to the Democrats, allowing the GOP to take over both houses of Congress, the president is expected to be more compromising than in the past. However, news that Obama wants to hike taxes, to the tune of $320 billion for the rich, was not well received by the majority party.

On Sunday talk shows, Republicans slammed the president for his plan to raise tax on the rich to give to the poor. Obama has been constantly criticized by the other side for what they say is redistribution of wealth.

“The notion… that in order for some people to do better, someone has to do worse is just not true,” Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio told CBS’ Face the Nation. “Raising taxes on people that are successful is not going to make people that are struggling more successful…It would also be counter-productive.”

If you watch Obama’s State of the Union address online, you will be able to see how Republicans react to his plan on the Senate floor. Tradition is that opposing sides stand or sit if they approve of the president’s words, and it is predicted that GOP members will stay seated for most of the speech.

As for who will be on First Lady Michelle Obama’s guest list for the State of the Union, the White House has released the names of the 22 individuals who will attend the annual event. Among the high-profile personalities present is Alan Gross — a USAID sub-contractor — who was released by the Cuban regime after five years in captivity on the same day the U.S. announced it would begin to normalize diplomatic relations with the Caribbean country, following decades of tensions.

In recent weeks, Obama’s poll numbers have surged from the dismal lows of last year, as the economy has started what some believe is a strong recovery. According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, the president’s approval rating stands at 50 percent, the highest it’s been since 2013, thanks in part to improving economic indicators.

There are several options to watch Obama’s State of the Union address online free. The White House will offer an “enhanced livestream,” which will include graphs and charts to back up the President’s words on Tuesday night starting at 9 p.m. ET. Follow the link below.

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