A$AP Yams Cause Of Death, Autopsy, Toxicology Reports Pending: Did A$AP Yams Die From Sizzurp, Lean, Codeine, And Xanax?

When fans hear that A$AP Yams has died at the young age of 26, one immediately begins to Google things like “A$AP Yams cause of death,” “A$AP Yams autopsy,” and “A$AP Yams toxicology reports” in order to find out the cause of how someone beloved to the hip-hop community died so suddenly, unexpectedly, and at such a young age. However, according to Rolling Stone, A$AP Yams’ cause of death has not yet been released to the press, and as the tributes pour in on social media for the man whose real name is Steven Rodriguez, more questions arise about how he actually died.

In searching for A$AP Yams’ cause of death, one learns about his battle with drug addiction in the past, according to BET News, which included trouble with Xanax and codeine that landed A$AP Yams in rehab in July of 2014 in order to try and beat the addiction to the substances. In fact, A$AP Yams took to Twitter to decry the use of drugs and sipping Sizzurp and “lean,” a drink that Urban Dictionary says contains Promethazine w/Codeine VC, Sprite, and other substances.

“That lean sh** corny now i apologize for even glorifying that bullsh** its embarrassing it destroyed too many lives. It’s disrespectful to the families who lost loved ones to that demon for us to be flaunting that addiction rip pimp c.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, A$AP Yams’ cause of death was likely attributed to a deadly dose of codeine and Xanax, as folks on Twitter are now pontificating. Many are hoping that A$AP Yams’ death serves as a wake-up call to those who believe sipping Sizzurp or lean can’t hurt anyone or cause death.

“It’s sad for A$AP Yams to die of lean and Xanax overdose, If just one person told him to chill on it he’d still be alive.”

Meanwhile, once toxicology reports are released for A$AP Yams, something that can be found by searching Google News for “Steven Rodriguez” “cause of death” or A$AP Yams cause of death, the toxicology findings should uncover whether or not a fatal dose of codeine and Xanax actually caused the death of the founder of hip-hop’s A$AP Mob, as folks on Twitter and other social media sites are already assuming was the cause of the sad and untimely death. However, A$AP Ant has told VladTV that A$AP Yams did not die of a drug overdose — although he didn’t specify what the cause of death actually was.

“That’s not what it is. People keep talking saying he overdosed on Xanax and s*** like that. No, that’s not what happened at all. It wasn’t that at all. Everybody on Instagram posting pictures of Rocky at the hospital where he passed away at, ya’ll looking like females and the tabloids. That’s not any of your business to post that. That’s private for somebody. I would want to see a picture of me on the Internet going to the hospital to see my grandfather while he’s dying. I wouldn’t want to see that.”

[Image via A$AP Mob]