‘Bachelor’ Star Sean Lowe Opens Up About Marriage: What He Does To Keep It Hot

Bachelor star Sean Lowe went on the show to find love with Emily Maynard, but he was sent home completely heartbroken after the overnight dates. She felt there was more of a connection with Arie Luyendyk and Jef Holm at that point in time, and she ended up getting engaged to Jef for a short period of time. But after healing his broken heart, Sean was back.

Sean Lowe began filming his own season of The Bachelor after Emily’s season wrapped, and he was determined to find love. Many people were shocked that he picked Catherine Giudici in the end, and proposed to her. But it sounds like Lowe made the choice that was right for him, and they got married in a Bachelor special.

According to a new New York Post report, Bachelor star Sean Lowe is now revealing that it takes work to keep the marriage hot and exciting. The couple is nearing their one-year anniversary of wedded bliss, and Lowe is now opening up about how he keeps Catherine happy.

“The lady you want to date doesn’t want a manservant,” Sean Lowe reveals, even though he was often labeled as the nicest guy, adding, “She wants a strong, confident man who will be her rock.”

Of course, the two had to adjust to life away from the cameras after Sean was done filming Dancing with the Stars. Lowe went straight from filming The Bachelor to competing on the dance show. Their first couple of months of being engaged might not have been too comparative to other couples.

“The first couple months of dating are always exciting, but somewhere along the line, things tend to slip into a comfortable routine of sweatpants, TV and takeout. Don’t stop making her feel special,” Lowe says, adding, “Date nights and flowers are crucial.”

But Sean Lowe reveals that it is important that you don’t change who you are to satisfy another person. You should not comprise your beliefs, and he was a perfect example as he waited for marriage to have sex once again.

“Part of being a man is knowing who you are and what you stand for — and not compromising those convictions under any circumstances. A good woman will not only respect your beliefs, she’ll challenge you to uphold them,” says Lowe, revealing, “Don’t be the guy who showers his date with compliments instead of actually having a conversation of substance and depth.”

There had been rumors that Sean and Catherine were trying to get pregnant, but Lowe has revealed that they are currently not expecting a child. According to the Inquisitr, Sean Lowe remains thankful to the Bachelor for finding Catherine, but he hasn’t been too supportive of everyone on the show. For example, he didn’t watch Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell on Couples Therapy.

What do you think of Sean Lowe’s marital advice?

[Image via ABC]