Snubbed Duchess Kate Middleton: Toddler Bolts At Sight Of Pregnant Royal During Appearance

A mom and her toddler son were preparing for an upcoming moment that many long to have: a meet-and-greet with the Duchess of Cambridge at a charity event. They rehearsed their greeting at home, and things went fine. But a strange and unexpected thing happened when the pregnant Duchess Kate Middleton emerged: the young boy tried to bolt for dear life, according to a Mirror report.

Two-year-old Ryan Dixon and his mom were among throngs of attendees present in Kensington during morning coffee. There they would have a chance to meet Duchess Kate, who was making her rounds as part of her royal duties.

The boy’s mother, Tracy Samuels, said they practiced the flower presentation to Kate, but her son suddenly contracted a sudden case of toddler shyness, which is odd since Ryan is typically “boisterous” and outgoing at home. But today, the sheepish boy said, “no no, Mummy, no no Mummy,” as he tried desperately to put distance between he and Kate Middleton.

And as moms often do to save face for their children, Samuels said, “I would be shy as well.”

In fact, when the mother stood in for her boy, who had just pulled off the snub of the century, she found herself feeling a minor case of the butterflies. As she offered the duchess the charming flower arrangement of nistercians and white lilacs, her son did his best to hide his face in the folds of her clothing.

“We practiced all weekend. He was going to say ‘these are for you, nice flowers, lovely flowers’ and he was fine doing it at home. “I don’t know what made him so shy, normally

he is really outgoing and he’s never been shy like this when there’s been a bog occasion.”

As lovely as Duchess Kate Middleton appeared, it’s odd she would be snubbed by anyone. The pregnant royal, who is expecting her second child (rumored due date in April), donned a stylish Seraphine maternity dress and matching blue coat. Just days ago, pictures of Duchess Kate emerged that showed off a “less-than-glamorous” look when she’s not all dolled up, as one source described her pared-down hair and face.

Middleton hasn’t been photographed since the Christmas holiday, supposedly due to bed rest after suffering from bouts of severe morning sickness associated with her pregnancy. But her appearance today showed no sign of the rigors of being with child. Arguably, being snubbed by a 2-year-old has to weigh on Duchess Kate Middleton’s mind, right? Likely not because kids often do or “say the darndest things.”

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]