Kanye West in Epic Twitter Rant

Kanye West took to Twitter Wednesday night to reveal he was basically going to save the world.

The rapper, a prolific tweeter at the best of times, fired out over 90 tweets in under three hours, chatting about future plans for his new design company, Donda (“[It will] pick up where Steve Jobs left off”), his urge to create (“I sit everyday and ask what can I do to make a difference…”), his dream of one day “designing” the MTV awards, and … I don’t even know:

“Good logic tells me smile Kanye… the world likes you again… red or blue pill? … aaaaand Swallow lol”

Donda is named after the star’s later mother, and West revealed the company already had 22 divisions of writers, DJs, publicists, designers, musicians, scientists and more. He said Donda aims to “make products and experiences that people want and can afford.” Oh, and there’s a “semi sci-fi” film in 2012 called “2016 OLYMPICS.” lulz.

But there were even bigger fish to fry for our Kanye – namely, the aforementioned saving the world stuff. He asserted that “We need scientists and top world designers to directly affect governments” and had this to say about the American education system:

“There are so many broken systems from the economy to school systems jail systems… we need experts for this.”

He also revealed he and director Spike Jonze were exploring the possibility of running a “summer school that tries new forms of curriculum.”

So folks, Kanye West – world’s greatest ego, or genuinely the most entertaining big-name celebrity of our time?