PlayStation 4 Combined With Xbox One Into A Powerful Gaming Laptop; Mad Genius Behind Xbook Duo Eddie Zarick Introduces Prototype

The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One may just become one. One brave and possibly mad modder genius managed to combine these two magnificent consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, into one really powerful gaming laptop.

Eddie Zarick, creator of PS4 (PlayBook 4) and Xbox One (Xbook One) is really a fantastic genius who does not know boundaries. He has managed to create a fusion of Microsoft and Sony’s consoles and named it PlayBox 4One.

The great modder presented his new creation to the world via his official YouTube channel and said this concept was requested by one of his clients. The new PlayBox 4One is a little larger than the Xbook One and the Playbook 4, which is a modded PlayStation 4 made on foundations of the Xbox One. According to the Edsjunk, Eddie Zarick’s blog, the size of the prototype is similar to one of the Xbook Duo, combination of Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This powerful gaming laptop contains both gaming platforms, but both systems cannot run at the same time. This is due to an overheating problem which can occur if both systems operate at the same time. However, you can easily switch between systems with a flick of a switch.

PlayBox 4One contains a single power cord, smart HDMI switch, one HDMI-out port, Disk drive for each console, a switch that is used for easy swapping between gaming systems and two Ethernet ports for wired Internet connection (one for each console). It also features a 22-inch Vizio monitor, customized graphics and a really sturdy plastic casing. The package also includes two high-quality wireless black controllers.

According to the Eddie Zarick’s channel, he did had some problems while creating the prototype. One of the major ones was with the power button for PlayStation 4. Apparently, it didn’t work very well because it had interference with the Xbox One.

As for the brave genius, he does not plan to produce more units of the PlayBox 4One, unless if a customer request it. He also did not confirmed the price range of the product, but it is expected that new combination of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cost more that its predecessors – PlayBook 4 costing $1,400 and Xbook One costing 1,500 dollars.