Teresa Giudice Prison: Former Inmate Reveals Danbury Is ‘A Dump,’ And Has ‘Worms Coming Out Of The Walls’

When it was first reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was set to enter the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, rumors at the time suggested that the facility was some kind of spa, offering inmates a relaxing time while incarcerated.

However, according to a former inmate of the facility who spoke to Radar Online, Danbury is anything but a spa, and in fact is quite the opposite.

Beatrice Codianni told the publication that when she was there, not so long ago, there were “worms coming out of the walls in the C-Dorm bathroom.”

Codianni, who was at the facility for 14 years, continued, “The drain flies lay eggs and then they turn into worms.”

So, Danbury doesn’t sound like the spa it was rumored to be by the media.

As the former inmate added, “The place is a dump. It is supposed to be clean and they have orderlies who do the sweeping and the dusting, but it is far from clean.”

Then again, those type of drain worms are pretty common in prisons as well as in homes across America. The worms are actually the larvae of the drain fly, and breed in areas like sewers, kitchens, bathrooms, or basements.

Codianni told Radar, “Danbury prison was built for the men and then they made the basement into dorms when the women moved in there. There are dormitories in the bottom in the basement where there are pipes inches above your head if you sleep on the top bunk. It is just gross.”

In conclusion, the former inmate said, “People who go into Danbury, such as Teresa, think they are going into a spa. It definitely is not.”

Nevertheless, when Danbury was contacted for a response to the allegations made by the former inmate it declined to comment.