January 19, 2015
'John Wick' Beats Down DVD, Blu-Ray This February

John Wick, the surprisingly enjoyable action-thriller starring Keanu Reeves, is presently slated to hit DVD and Blu-ray this February.

Of course, if you've cast aside physical media in your quest to fully embrace the digital age, then you're in luck. According to USA Today, John Wick is already available on VOD through a number of major outlets. Viewers are just a few clicks (and a few dollars) away from watching Reeves beat up bad guys for killing his puppy.

To promote the flick's arrival on home video, the folks at Lionsgate hooked USA Today up with an exclusive clip, which you can watch below.

If you missed John Wick when it debuted in theaters last October, then you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Directed by stunt coordinator-turned-director Chad Stahelski, the film follows the adventures of a retired assassin who returns to the murder business after a band of evil gangsters cold-heartedly kills his dog. The premise may sound a bit goofy, but the action sequences are actually spot-on.

In an exclusive clip gifted to Yahoo! Movies, Reeves discussed some of the difficulties filming many of the elaborate fight sequences sprinkled throughout John Wick. According to the Matrix alum, that included battling his co-stars in the freezing cold.

"We shot [one sequence] in the rain in winter on this great location. It was a good kind of hard. It was physically taxing, but the sequence itself was so cool, you know?"

During his chat with Indiewire last year, the actor explained why he feels John Wick is a lot different from the other American action flicks making the rounds these days. In his humble opinion, it all comes down to execution.

"It's the world they've created and the vision of the story. The shooting style: the colors, the way they shoot the action. They're doing wide shots, not a lot of cuts. They're wanting the action to unfold in front of you as opposed to changing perspectives. That feels different — it's a little more intimate and objective. It's not just visceral action. You can believe what you're seeing and it's not just sound and fury. You can see the fluidity and what they're doing — like that one hall shot where they're wrestling, and he just comes through and pounds a knife into the other guy's chest. There's no cut."
John Wick hits DVD and Blu-ray on February 3. Action aficionados who are ready to watch it now can pick up a digital copy of the flick on VOD.

[Image via Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment]