John Legend And Common Performed ‘Glory’ In Honor Of Martin Luther King Jr. During Concert In Selma

John Legend and Common performed Glory in front of the thousands of people in Selma, Alabama. The song called Glory not only won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture, but also made the Sunday evening really nice and moving for all the people present at the concert. Then they marched to the Edmund Pettus Bridge to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

The concert itself was just one of the many events that included the cast and crew of the film Selma. They came to Alabama to support the special march held in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. before the holiday on Monday. Selma Mayor Terri Sewell, Oprah Winfrey and George Evans were also present at concert. Many have gathered in hope to catch a glimpse of Oprah and other famous celebrities as they stood in front of the stage and enjoyed the performance.

Oprah Winfrey was very emotional at moments and it was noticed that she wiped the tears from her eyes. When the march was about to begin, she decided to make a speech in front of the crowd gathered at foot of Selma City Hall.

“We thank you for loving us, and we love you back. We thank you for being a symbol of what hope and progress, what grace and goodness, can be and do. I’m so excited that once again I get to march across the bridge, not as portraying Annie Lee Cooper, but standing in the shoes and on the shoulders of everyone that came before us,” Oprah said.

Some of the local politicians and Hollywood stars also had fun during the evening. They took pictures together and interacted with the audience during and after the concert.

At the end of the night, actor David Oyelowo, who played the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, appeared on the stage just as John Legend finished his concert. He praised the young audience who is still fighting for equality and all those involved in the Civil Rights movement.

“Incredible things happened here. I pray that the young people will see the glory and the power of themselves to enact change,” said the actor.

John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, David Oyelowo and many others celebrities have came to Selma to support the fiftieth anniversary of the day when Selma made it to the history books. Many residents agree that Selma should receive national recognition for its role in history of freedom and fight for equality.