Pope Francis Manila Visit: 2,000 Traffic Cops Were Reportedly Instructed To Wear Adult Diapers

As unbelievable as the headline above may read, it is indeed true that at least 2,000 Manila traffic cops were issued with adult diapers ahead of the recent visit to the Philippine capital by Pope Francis.

Makes one think of the old saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” especially as the Pontiff was paying his first visit to the country.

So what was the reason for the traffic cops being instructed to wear diapers?

Well, that’s down to the problematic sanitation in Manila, due the distinct lack of portable toilets in the capital. The traffic cops needed to be alert and “on the job” in order not to allow Manila to descend into complete traffic mayhem.

To make matters worse — or just plain funnier, depending on your point of view — hundreds of traffic officers were seen, and filmed, on duty barelegged and wearing the diapers issued, while wearing regular police attire on the top halves of their bodies.

On top of the diapers thing, many of the city’s traffic cops had to work overtime during the 24-hour event, and officials said that the time spent having to search for a toilet might stop them from carrying out their work and jeopardize the safety of the crowds.

As Francis Tolentino, Chairman of the MMDA, said, “If you attend an event that will last for 24 hours, you cannot go around looking for a (portable lavatory).”


Spectators were also encouraged, according to Tolentino, to wear adult diapers, including priests, nuns, and the elderly.

Makes one wonder whether Pope Francis himself was handed a super-sized diaper and told to wear it, lest he couldn’t find a public toilet in time.

An estimated record-breaking six million people turned out to see the Pope on the streets of Manila, despite horrific weather conditions and torrential rain.

The Papal visit to Manila was the final stage of Pope Francis’ Asian tour, which saw him visit Sri Lanka for three days before heading to the Philippines.