Woman Leaves $1 Million Fortune To Pampered Pet Dog: ‘My Children Don’t Need The Money, Bella Mia Does’

A dog lover from New York has cut her sons out of her will and is leaving her entire one million fortune to her pampered pooch, Bella Mia.

Accountant Rose Ann Bolsany passionately believes that if anything happens to her, then no-one will deny Bella Mia the life of luxury and enjoyment of craven indulgence that the three-year-old Maltese Terrier has come to take for granted.

Rose from Queens, New York, insists she is in love with Bella Mia, who according to the Mirror, is set to inherit a fortune consisting of jewellery, a trust fund and even a holiday home.

Bella Mia’s 60-year-old owner is besotted with the fluffily little beast and called her a “gift from God.” The darling little canine has never had to go without and Rose is always at the happy little hound’s beck and call to make sure her very whim is catered for.

Rose’s furry little bundle of joy eats mignon steak for dinner and even has a boudoir to call her own, stocked with her own flamboyant range of doggy styled outfits.

On the website Hugs From Bella Mia, it states that Bella Mia’s wardrobe rivals some of New York’s best dressed, making her one white-hot pup in the city.

“Bella Mia looks at fashion as a form of art and loves keeping up with the trends while adding her own flair. Her wardrobe is sometimes inspired by other Divas like her. Bella Mia’s hot pink bikini and cover up were modeled after one worn by Jennifer Lopez, and at the Polo Matches you found her wearing the Julia Robert’s infamous Pretty Woman dress. This array of fashion shows Bella Mia adores designer labels yet revels in vintage clothing, allowing her to stay true to her personal style.

“Between manicures, fittings and playing with her friends, Bella Mia’s sweet and attentive nature is the cornerstone of her personality and beauty. Always calm and gentle, Bella Mia’s true elegance radiates from the inside out, making her the genuine Snow White fashionista she is.”

Living the life of an idle princess doesn’t come cheap, but fortunately for Bella, she’ll inherit her owner’s entire estate because Rose has taken the unusual step of cutting her sons out of her will. Yet Rose insists her boys won’t object to being cut out of her will in favour of her four-legged dandy.

“My children are grown and successful. They don’t need my money. They know how happy she has made my husband and I.We decided that we had given her such a lavish life that we wanted to make sure she’s still have what she was accustomed to when I was gone.”

What do you think? Is Rose barking bad or is it all just a rather extreme case of puppy love?