Mariah Carey: The Perfect Vegas Showgirl For All The Good, The Bad And The Unfortunate Reasons [Video]

So the powerhouse couple, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are officially through since Nick filed for divorce in December, but those that have stated that Mariah is helpless without Cannon and has a fading career are far off.

As the Boston Herald shares, Carey is reportedly in talks to sign for a contract in Vegas that will surpass the $30 million earnings Britney Spears signed for.

The superstar has certainly got what it takes to make it in Vegas. For one, she simply knows how to hold the attention of her audience. Yes, it’s true, perhaps at the Rockefellar Center performance, back in December, she had the attention of the crowd for all of the wrong reasons, but let’s give the woman a break. She was on the brink of seeing her marriage crumble further than it already had. A few missed notes are understandable, even for Mariah Carey.

Listen and watch Mariah hit the high notes in this video that spans the years from 1990-2013.

As Vogue commends Mariah, when she’s on with her vocals, the girl can bring it and hit the high notes so that even the people in the “cheap seats” will feel like she’s personally serenading them within arms’ reach. Vogue reminds us that her vocal range is “enough to make her worth checking out live, because with notes this high, you almost have to hear it (in person) to believe it.”

Carey is no newcomer to Vegas either. She had a mini-residency on the strip back in 2009 and absolutely stunned her audiences at the Palms Resort & Casino where she “dabbled in acapella, debuted new songs on stage, and even covered Michael Jackson;” all the more reason to check her out this time around while she’s there for a lengthier duration.

As strange as this may seem, being newly single is definitely a huge perk for Mariah as she prepares to head off to Nevada. Though she’s still going through the divorce process, she will certainly be more charismatic and interactive with her Vegas audience while ensuring to prove everyone wrong about her possibly having lost her vocals and being dependent on Cannon. While not on stage she’ll have the “single and ready to mingle” status.

Mariah discussed her feeling about performing her hits from over the years for her Vegas residency when she stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday. The New York Times recounts her words.

“Revisiting these songs for the show, working on the updated compilation and creating new music has really let me reconnect with my songs and I hope my fans will enjoy the experience. Some of these songs I’m like, ‘Really, I’m gonna do that one again? O.K..'”

Although there have been questions raised as to how many top hits Carey has actually achieved over the course of her remarkable career, she certainly has a plethora of outstanding tracks to perform that will keep the audience thoroughly entertained.

Lastly, isn’t it true that Mariah deserves a bit of a break after the difficult year she’s faced? A fresh start with a run of at least 18 shows in Vegas and a $30 million plus pay check sounds like the “moment” Carey needs.

Tickets to the first 18 performances in Las Vegas are on sale now, with prices ranging from $55 to $250.

[Feature image via Rappler]