Pit Bull Attack Saves Little Girl, Five-Year-Old Needed Plastic Surgery

A pit bull attack out of nowhere is usually not the type of headline any parent wants to hear. But in this case, 5-year-old little girl named Remayah Hernandez was saved from an attack by a neighbor’s dog when the family pit bull dashed to the rescue.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, after pit bull attack victim Erin Ingram lost an arm, the family sued the owner for millions of dollars. Police in Florida are currently investigating a potential case of animal cruelty, where it’s alleged a teen shot and ran over his neighbor’s dogs in multiple incidents.

The girl’s mother, Lucila, says Remayah was riding her bike in the neighborhood when she stopped to pet a Lab mix named Tank who was wandering around outside. The Lab then attacked her, biting at her face, and that’s when the Hernandez family’s pit bull named Trigger jumped over a fence and entered the fray.

“To me, he’s like a hero. He’s a protective dog,” Lucila said. “We taught him to be protective and caring for the family.”

Despite being saved by the pit bull attack, Remayah had to be rushed to Delray Medical where she underwent plastic surgery in order to repair the gashes on her face. The family also had been planning a Disney World trip but used the money for medical care.

The dog named Tank was eventually picked up by animal control and euthanized, but his owner, Nehemias Gaspar, claims his dog would never have attacked the little girl as stated by the Hernandez family.

“He was very friendly with all of the kids. He was a great dog. He was a very nice dog,” he said. “I sincerely believe inside of me that my dog is innocent. It’s very unfortunate what happen but I’m more worried about the girl now that my dog is gone.”

Nehemias says Tank had snuck out of the house in the past without incident. He also claims the pit bull Trigger had gotten loose before and that he’s walked the pit bull home. He believes that both dogs were involved in a fight when Remayah stumbled upon the dog fight while riding her bike.

The Hernandez family does not believe this theory and instead insists it’s the owner’s responsibility.

“This would have never happened to her if he would have kept his dog where he belongs: in the house or tied up,” Lucila said according to Life With Dogs.