Does Anyone Know Or Care If ‘The View’ Will Be Canceled?

It probably hasn’t been as long as it seems, but The View was once a popular T.V. show. Barbara Walters was at the helm and discussions revolved around the hot news topics of the day, with perspectives from co-hosts from various walks of life.

Now the latest news is whether Rosie Perez is in or out, if Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell are getting along and how many people are watching. Last year, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy got the boot last year while O’Donnell was brought on board for the second time around and Perez was hired as a new host. There are other changes, but I can’t keep up.

Hey, I remember years ago when O’Donnell had her own talk show and was billed “the queen of nice.” And I remember when Whoopi was a movie star, won an Oscar, and hosted the Academy Awards. This seems like a lifetime ago.

While I’m walking down memory lane, I recall when Star Jones was a co-host on The View. When her contract wasn’t renewed, she did not slip gently into that good night. Supposedly, the audience tired of her because she got too many freebies for her mega wedding and wouldn’t disclose she had a gastric bypass to lose weight. Wow, that was back in the day.

Now it seems as though ABC believes when the ratings slip, it has to be because the audience doesn’t like a particular host. I wonder if the executives ever thought perhaps The View no longer appeals to today’s audience, has simply run its course and should be laid to rest.

Sure, Whoopi, Perez, Rosie, and the other ladies would have to find another job, but in the real world, this happens all the time. No, the average worker’s salary is not nearly as lavish, but, you know, Whoopi has had a great run, and I’m certain has acquired wealth and stocked away some for a rainy day.

The other ladies will have to contact everyone they know for assistance in finding another job, just like the average person does when they’re fired or laid off. Hey, isn’t that the way of the world? No one wants to lose a job, especially one where you may not have to be the most informed person in the world on a topic, but still get to share your opinion with the world.

My advice to the ABC execs: It’s better to lay The View to rest gently than for it to go out kicking and screaming.

[Image via Inquisitr]