Halle Berry’s Ex, Gabriel Aubry, Has A Modeling Gig And It’s About Time

Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubrey, finally has a modeling job, and it’s about time. He and former Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum will be featured for Macy’s INC International Concepts 30th Anniversary ad campaign.

Klum has been gushing over how “hot” Aubrey is and it’s true, he’s a good-looking guy. But it seems that until he got this new gig, he was willing to live off the fruits of Halle’s labor. She was ordered by a judge to pay $16,000 a month in child support to Aubrey, which is about $200,000 yearly.

Aubrey and Berry have joint custody of daughter Nahla, but exactly how much money is needed to care for a 6-year-old girl? Halle accused Aubrey of using the money to pay for expenses at the gym, clothes and cars. She has plans to return to court to ask that the support be reduced to $3,000 monthly.

The parents of Nahla can’t seem to get along, with accusations of racism by Berry and friends who say Aubry called the actress a “n***er” when he became angry with her. He also was ordered by a judge to stop straightening Nahla’s hair and streaking it blonde.

In the past, Aubry insisted Nahla is white, although her mother, Berry, is biracial. Now this is not a DNA analysis, but wouldn’t Nahla be at least 25 percent black if her mother is 50 percent? Meanwhile, Berry said she believes in the “one-drop rule,” which states if known descendants have “black blood,” then their offspring is black. This is a throwback to slavery, and honestly, it’s how those of African descent have been viewed in this country for quite some time. Just recently, census forms have other boxes which can be checked off like multiracial, biracial and other.

Going back to the work issue, give Aubry the benefit of the doubt. He did take quite a beat down from Halle’s then fiancé, now husband, Olivier Martinez. This was quite some time ago, but the damage appeared extensive, and perhaps it took time to heal or even required repair via plastic surgery. If so, this might have been why Aubry could not find modeling jobs. Even so, that’s not Berry’s fault, and reportedly, Aubry threw the first punch at Martinez.

Whatever the former situation, it’s great that Aubry now has a job and won’t have to use his daughter’s child support for personal income. It’s also interesting that the job seems to have come just before Berry’s next court appointment.

After all, Halle Berry is married and has baby Maceo with Martinez. There’s another mouth to feed, and it shouldn’t be Aubry’s.