Teacher Slams Teen’s Hand In Door And Breaks Bones, Nancy Nesbitt’s Family Upset That Teacher Isn’t Fired

The parents of 15-year-old Nancy Nesbitt are outraged after discovering that their daughter was at the school nurse’s office with a bleeding and broken hand after an incident in the classroom where the teacher allegedly slammed the door on a teen’s hand.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, parents sued the school where an autistic boy was arrested, injured, and put in a strait-jacket. One shocking statistic is that about half of all American school children live in poverty.

The teen claims the incident started when another student was trying to cheat by copying off of her paper in class. When the teacher noticed what was happening, he crumpled up both papers and took them away. Nesbitt says she complained since she was not the one attempting to cheat, and in response the teacher removed her from the classroom. Although upset, Nesbitt says she intended to leave until she realized she had left her belongings in the classroom.

“She left out of his class when she went to go back in, he pushed her back out the door. She kept trying to explain to him that she was trying to get her stuff. I guess he didn’t want to hear that. He was already mad. Every time she tried to go in, he pushed her out and then he finally slammed the door,” her mother, Loletha Iverson, told WSFA 12 News.

“It was slammed with so much force that it broke the skin and she was bleeding.”

Iverson says she received the call from the school nurse to come and pick up her daughter at Carter Hill Road in Montgomery, Alabama. Nesbitt ended up in the emergency room and the damage included broken bones in her fingers and cuts that required a number of stitches.


Nancy’s mother believes that the teacher was out of line in the way he handled the situation.

“I was very angry and upset because we try to protect our children as parents and you don’t feel like you have to protect your kids from a teacher,” Iverson said.

“He had no business putting his hands on my kid. I don’t want to see another child or family have to go through this.”

The teen’s family believes the teacher should be fired for the incident. Officials at Montgomery Public Schools says they reviewed a video of the incident and claim that it was an accident. The surveillance video has not been released although Nancy’s family took pictures of the damage on the way to the hospital.