Car Tire Smashes Through Windshield, YouTube Video Goes Viral [Video]

According to WNEP, the location of this scary incident was on a Canadian highway, after a tire from a different vehicle came off, smashing the runaway tire into the man’s car with the dashboard camera. Andrew Sukhdeo has reportedly said the tire incident occurred after he was returning home from a day at work and was traveling westbound on Highway 401, which is near Toronto. That’s the point at which the stray tire from a different car that was going in the opposite direction – in the eastbound lanes – came off and then bounced its way across the median. Unfortunately, Andrew was able to catch that stray tire straight into his windshield as it flew into his Toyota Corolla, a 2014 model.

For his part, Andrew describes his first thoughts of loved ones when the tire flew into his car’s windshield.

“Special thanks to my lovely fiancée. She was the first thing I thought about when the tire hit the car. I’m glad that I was able to see her again. I was driving Westbound on the 401 approaching Salem Road on Tuesday Jan 13th 2015 when a tire flew over the median and smashed into my car. You can see the white car (heading eastbound) skid off to the shoulder at around 10 seconds. I’m lucky to be alive. The time stamp on the video is incorrect.”


Andrew Sukhedeo talked to CTV Toronto’s Scott Lightfoot on Wednesday night – January 14, the same evening that the viral YouTube video was uploaded, and told the news that he was not hurt. Andrew related that the runaway tire hit the top of his car’s windshield and broke the sunroof and dented his car’s frame.

“Everything was happening so quickly that there was not time to react or think. I just kind of ducked.”

[Image via Andrew Sukhdeo “Car Tire Smashes Through Windshield” YouTube video]