Kim Kardashian Hits The Slopes And Does Damage Control

It’s hard to tell under all of the cold weather gear, but that’s Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West hitting the slopes for a winter vacation. Kim and Kanye seem determined to finally put those pesky divorce rumors to rest. Kardashian posted several photos to her Twitter and Instagram accounts that show her and Kanye posing for selfies as a couple and with friends.

The latest round of photographs is one of many posted to Kardashian’s Instagram account featuring Kim, Kanye, and a lot of PDA.

The increased focus on the couple’s marriage may be all Kim’s doing. TMZ reports that Kim and Kanye purchased their dream home in Hidden Hills, California. The couple purchased the home, which is not far from Kris Jenner’s house, for $20 million. Though the home sits on over 3 acres, Kim Kardashian reportedly purchased the property next door in an attempt to entice Kanye West to be home more often. The purchase will allow Kim and Kanye to expand their property to 5 acres, filled with everything they could ever need.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the couple was spotted out in Los Angeles having dinner with Jay Z and Beyoncé. The double date marks the end of nearly a year of rumors about a feud between Jay Z and Kanye West. West and Jay Z were reportedly good friends before the feud, but neither Jay Z nor Beyoncé attended Kanye and Kim’s wedding last year.

Though some sources said that Jay Z and Kanye were driven apart by tensions over their joint album, Watch the Throne. Other sources say the rift was caused by tensions between Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. Reportedly, the two women don’t get along, primarily because Beyoncé is very private and Kim loves to share her personal life with the media and her fans.

Could Kim’s efforts to make peace and let everyone know her home life is happy have a larger purpose? Or is she just sharing too much of her life again?